Innovative Solutions for Chronic Health Conditions AIMING AT THE ROOT CAUSES

Ever wondered about the major cause of death? Did you know that 8 out of 10 people will die from either a heart attack or a cancer cause? But before we look at a death cause, let's first look at what causes disease. Cancer causes and heart health issues have been virtually ignored by the great majority of the medical profession.

If we were to look at the cause of cancer or what causes heart problems, would it surprise you to learn that toxicity, specifically exposure to toxic substances that equate to chronic poisoning not only cause disease, but are responsible for causing all chronic disease?

All of us today are an experiment in toxicology.

In the world of chronic illness, it is not uncommon for one to fall into the dangeroustrap of becoming overly focused on a single cause for a presenting condition.

Unfortunately, a chronic illness almost never has one cause, and thus it rarely has one solution.  As an example, most people understand that diabetes is a condition resulting from high levels of glucose in the blood, and those people would be correct. However, this is a very simplistic view of a much more complex condition.

Could it be that diabetes has toxicity at its core?

Could it be that an underlying fungal overgrowth plays a role? 

Could it be that inflammation is a key factor? 

In approaching a condition such as diabetes, one could focus solely on the management of blood sugar levels

 or one could step back and take a broader perspective; a perspective which understands the underlying factors and attempts to address the actual cause of the problem rather than simply masking the symptoms.

Dr. Praveen K Saxena is a board-certified clinical metal toxicologist and also an interventional radiologist. This unique amalgamation of two key specializations allows Dr. Saxena to be extremely creative in his approach to cancer. He is an integrative doctor providing, in his words, "the best of what both worlds have to offer."

According to him, the current healthcare problems facing our nation, and actually jeopardizing the very health of our nation, are easily solvable if those who dictate the health policy focus on the key health solution, i.e., removal of sources of toxicity, as opposed to focusing on the health problem and trying to mask the problems with pharmaceuticals.

 “Unlike conventional medicine that cannot look beyond an ailment, integrative medicine looks at the patient as a whole, surveys every aspect of the patient’s health and involves the patient in the treatment procedure. Integrative medicine emphasizes the need for improving the patient’s lifestyle, habits and dietary choices to prevent chronic illness. Without active participation of the patients this is not possible. Through therapies, the immunity of the patients gets a boost. If the immunity of a person is increased, then the body will become stronger from within and fight to get rid of the ailments it has. Integrative medicine does not cure a person from a certain illness but rather cures the whole patient from every possible disease. Patients are prescribed conventional and alternative therapies after thorough evaluation of their health, habits and medical records. Treatment for the same ailment may differ from one patient to another,” explains Dr. Saxena.

Dr. Saxena Integrative Medicine functions as a detective using exposure and symptom history, diagnostic procedures and toxicity testing results, and clues provided by lab findings, to determine the cause and the treatment. This formula yields improved health and recovery of people with chronic health problems using latest advances in complementary & integrative medicine, which emphasizes science based natural therapies in place of surgery & prescription medications.

Complementary treatment approaches are increasingly requested by cancer patients and survivors to reduce side effects of conventional cancer treatment, enhance health-related quality of life, and improve clinical outcomes 

By adopting chronic disease management programs and novel treatment procedures like detoxification, metabolic weight loss, nontoxic cancer therapies (immune modulation, nutraceuticals), external counterpulsation (non-surgical bypass), ozone & hyperbarics therapy, one can eliminate toxicity and regain health. The society needs to be empowered with knowledge to live life without becoming victims of the system dependent on misinformation. The principles of detoxification & oxygenation, will help establish a much needed new health community in the sick and toxic world,” says Dr. Saxena

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