Indians and their Relationship with Proteins

Indian cuisine is known all over the world for its vibrant flavors, delectable spices and fresh herbs. While the Indian diet has more emphasis on plant-based items, there is also a healthy consumption of meat in different forms throughout the country. However, there is a growing problem of obesity among the Indian populace, especially those living in urban and semi-urban areas.

While this can be largely attributed to the growing availability of processed foods, another important reason is also the fact that Indians love their food so much that they just would not go on a diet. A survey by IPSOS, a marketing research firm discovered that around 77% percent of the urban Indian population would prefer tasty food instead of healthier choices. The scenario does see some changes as awareness increases and a growing number of Indians are now opting for popular dietary plans such as the “Keto Diet” to focus on weight loss and to gain stamina.

India and its Protein Deficiency

According to a report by the Indian Market Research Bureau, the protein deficiency in Indians is more than 80%. While the recommended daily protein intake stands at 60-90 grams, Indians usually consume only about 10-30 grams. This deficiency is more prominent in urban and semi-urban households where the intake of processed foods, aerated beverages and refreshments is high as compared to pulses and cereals. What is even more alarming is that Chennai ranks 3rd in the country in protein deficiency with Lucknow and Ahmedabad occupying the first and second positions respectively.

Insurance Deficiency; another alarming concernAlong with Protein deficiency, another important deficiency among the Indian populace is that of health insurance. There is a real lack of understanding of what exactly is adequate health insurance for an individual or a family. Depending upon one’s income, family, lifestyle and other aspects such as a history of diseases and more, one needs to decide as to how much health insurance will be enough.

How much Health Insurance is Adequate?

When buying Health Insurance, one needs to think of the future. Take into account future health issues, inflation and possible lifestyle changes. For instance, if a cardiovascular surgery costs say 6 lakhs today, the same may cost 30 lakhs in about 20 years from now. Now if you are under 30, you have plenty of life ahead of you before you turn 60 but that also means that you prepare for 60 right now. Ideally, anyone below the age of 30 should have a health insurance cover of at least 20 lakhs. This can go up all the way to one crore rupees.

What to look for while buying Health Insurance?

· Look for policies that will increase your claim amount for every year that you have been claim free.

· If you wish to enhance your existing cover you can opt for a top-up cover with a deductible. These plans are more affordable as the top-up will only kick in if and when the original cover is exhausted.

· Do not depend only upon the health insurance provided by your company.

· If you plan to take a family floater plan and have elderlies included, keep in mind that there will be an impact of the same on the overall insurance cover.

· Make sure you take into consideration your present health status, habits, present lifestyle, income, nature of your occupation, your medical history and also your city of residence.

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