Best Psychic Phone Reading Websites - Top Online Psychics for Live Chat & Phone Readings

It wasn’t that long ago when smartphones seemed like something out of the SF films, and most psychic readings were done on the circus grounds and in the seedy parts of towns.

Fast forward to the present.

Now that we are virtually wedded to our phones, many are turning to psychic phone readings as a trusted form of advice and guidance.

If you’re interested in psychic reading by phone, here’s a list of what we feel are the top psychic reading sites to get affordable and accurate psychic readings through the convenience of your smartphone.

Best Online Psychic Phone Readings - First Look

  1. AskNow - Best site for phone psychics (dedicated phone line)
  2. Psychic Source - Compassionate psychic mediums ($1.00/minute rates)
  3. Kasamba - Experienced love psychics (70% OFF)
  4. Keen - Gifted tarot readers (free mobile app)

1. AskNow - Best Online Psychic Reading Site (1-888-815-1999)

Even though AskNow is the youngest of the online psychic reading services we’ve reviewed here, they are nevertheless our pick for the most balanced site when it comes to psychic phone readings and the features on offer.

At 17 years, they have one of the stronger rosters of screened psychic readers on the Internet as well as some interesting deals when it comes to free online psychic readings and free psychic minutes.

From Dream Analysis, Fortune Telling To Past Life Readings (And Free Horoscope)

When it comes to vetting their psychic readers, AskNow claims to offer a selection of carefully “screened, scrutinized and tested” advisors. In fact, only a small fraction of the psychic readers who apply are chosen to work on AskNow.

Another important feature on AskNow is their brand new phone app for both iOS and Android.

The search filter lets you choose a psychic reader based on the

  • Type of reading
  • Price range
  • Desired format

In addition, you can also see each advisor’s weekly calendar and availability.

Variety is also a big feature on AskNow, with everything from astrology and tarot card readings, to numerology, past lives, and dream analysis available for your phone psychic reading needs.

Add a free daily horoscope that you can get via email and an extensive “Articles” section that describes all things psychic and spiritual, and you’ll see why we chose AskNow to top our list.

Special Offers - Get a Reading At $1 a Minute

With psychic readers for almost every budget, AskNow is a site that wants to do your wallet a favor.

For first-time customers, there is a great free psychic reading deal that provides 20 and 30-minute packages for only $1 a minute.

As a bonus, each of these $1 a minute deals also includes 5 Free Master minutes with the best and most expensive advisors on the site. A spiritual reading with one of these Masters would usually cost $13.99 a minute and up, meaning that 5 free minutes equals a $70 value.

In addition, there’s also a satisfaction guarantee that will award up to 5 minutes back if you’re dissatisfied with your reading for any reason.

>> Get your 5 *FREE Master minutes on AskNow >>

Customer Reviews for AskNow

Customer reviews are a great indicator of the quality of an online psychic reading platform. We were pleased to see that the majority of AskNow’s psychic readers received the highest rating of 5 stars from customers.

Also, AskNow makes the reviews for each psychic reader available in their profile.


  • Rigorously screened online psychics
  • 20 and 30-minute packages for $1 a minute
  • 5 Free Master Minutes
  • Easy to use search filter
  • Dependable phone app for iOS and Android


  • $1 a minute deals only for new customers

2. Psychic Source - Compassionate Over the Phone Psychic Reading Advisors

Offering online spiritual readings now for over 30 years, Psychic Source is something of an elder statesman when it comes to phone psychic readings.

To protect this image, the platform will offer you a phone app, a selection of neat introductory deals, and access to an elite team of phone-based psychic mediums.

With an Articles section that reads more like a library, Psychic Source goes after not only satisfying their customers but educating them as well.

Personalize Your Search for Spiritual Readers With a Psychic Tool

Psychic Source has you covered for the majority of phone psychic reading formats.

Besides grooming the largest selection of psychic mediums you can dial, they also have everything from astrology readings and tarot card readings to angel card and spiritual readings to assist you in finding answers to your problems.

Their “Find a Psychic Tool” makes it easy to find the right psychic on Psychic Source. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and, in less than a minute, this interactive search engine will help you to find the most suitable advisor for your psychic reading.

If you’re more of a browser, you’ll probably want to check out their extensive “Articles” section. Aside from informative pieces on everything psychic and spiritual, they also have articles on how to get the most from your phone reading, online chat, or video reading.

Special Offers - 3 Free Minutes for Newcomers

Because online psychic readings are charged by the minute, even a brief answer to a serious question can get expensive pretty quickly.

Psychic Source is aware of this, which is why they offer some very nice discounts for new customers when it comes to free psychic minutes.

To begin, they have 10, 20, and 30-minute introductory packages for only $1 a minute,  which offers the affordability to try out a few psychic readers until you find the one that’s really worth it.

In addition, Psychic Source will also give you 3 free minutes off your first scheduled psychic reading.

All of this is backed up by a fair satisfaction guarantee - if you’re unhappy with your last paid reading for any reason, it’s free.

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Customer Reviews for Psychic Source

Every psychic reader on Psychic Source has an in-depth profile that contains everything from their reading specialties and years of experience to style and something called the philosophy of reading.

In addition, customers can also award endorsements based on how each advisor handles different categories such as career, finances, love, and relationships. That way, you can easily see which advisor might best answer your specific question.


  • Functional phone app for iOS and Android
  • The oldest platform
  • 10, 20, and 30-minute packages for $1 a minute
  • First 3 minutes free on your first psychic reading
  • “Find a Psychic” tool makes it easy to find a psychic


  • $1 a minute deals for newcomers only

3. Kasamba - Best Psychics To Call About Love

With over 20 years of experience doing psychic readings online, Kasamba is one of the veteran psychic websites on the Internet.

If your question needs a reading on love, you are likely to find a online psychic reader on Kasamba that will promise to show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Heal Your Romantic Wounds and Gain Esoteric Knowledge

When it comes to matters of the heart, Kasamba is one of the best psychic reading websites for phone readings on love.

Their highly screened and skilled tarot readers, astrologers, mediums, and love psychics come off as compassionate and understanding. And they’re also insightful when it comes to predicting a new love, reading your fortune or helping you heal after a relationship has ended.

But if love isn’t on your mind, Kasamba also specializes in other types of psychic readings by phone.

Whether you’re looking for a classic tarot card reader or you desire something more exotic like a rune or Kabbalah reading, Kasamba’s easy-to-navigate main menu will make finding the type of reading you want a breeze.

In addition, there’s a neat “Articles” section that can help you further your knowledge on a wide array of spiritual and esoteric subjects, from reincarnation to forging a psychic connection with your pet.

Special Offers - $50 Refunds for Lacking Readings

Finding your best online psychic can be tricky, so Kasamba tries to make it easier by offering you 3 free chat minutes with each new advisor you try. That way, if you’re not clicking with the psychic you’ve chosen, you can simply end the chat within 3 minutes and not be charged.

Yet, even after you’ve found the right online psychic, Kasamba will still give you a free psychic reading for the first 3 minutes. If you’re dissatisfied, you can be refunded up to $50 that can be used toward another reading.

>> Click here to get 70% OFF your first phone reading on Kasamba >>

Customer Reviews for Kasamba

Each advisor on Kasamba has their own profile listings that describe their specialties and how they approach their psychic readings.

There are also plenty of customer reviews regarding the accuracy, style, and attitude of each reader.


  • 3 free chat minutes with each new advisor
  • Best for phone readings on love
  • First 3 minutes of your first phone reading free
  • Wide variety of psychic readings offered
  • Satisfaction guarantee up to $50


  • Not all of their advisors are available by phone

4. Keen - Masters of Phone-Based Tarot Readings

Boasting the largest community of online psychics, Keen has been one of the more well-known online psychic reading sites for over 20 years when it comes to phone readings.

Add to that a dedicated phone app, a wide array of psychic readings focusing on tarot, and great discounts, and it’s clear why Keen closely trails some of the best psychic reading services on the Internet.

Let Keen Help You Prepare for Your Tarot or Feng Shui Reading

If you’re looking for a professional tarot reading over the phone, then Keen is your site. It doesn’t matter if you want to talk about career or family - tarot readers on Keen specialize in a wide range of problems you may have.

Yet, tarot card readings are not all that Keen does well. It is home to a carefully selected roster of astrologers, psychic mediums, clairvoyants, and even Feng Shui readers.

To help in your search for the best psychics, Keen has a feature they call “Find Your Best Psychic Advisor.” It’s easy to use and will help you search for a reader based on the

  • Type of reading
  • Price range
  • Your preference for online chat or phone reading

To further enhance your experience, you might also want to consult Keen’s helpful “Readings 101” feature listed under their advisors heading.

In this section, you’ll find not only info on the various types of psychic readings but also pointers on what you can do to best prepare yourself for the ultimate psychic reading experience.

Special Offers - 10 Minutes for $1.99 for Testing Multiple Readers

It seems that Keen is so confident that their online psychics can help you that they’re willing to give you the first 3 minutes of your first psychic reading for free so that you can test one out.

There’s also a special package offering 10 minutes for only $1.99 so you can test drive a few more psychic advisors before committing to a more in-depth psychic reading.

In addition, every reading at Keen is also backed by a satisfaction guarantee that allows up to a $25 refund if you’re dissatisfied for any reason.

>> Browse the largest community of phone-based psychic readers on Keen >>

Customer Reviews for Keen

Of all the online psychic reading sites we’ve reviewed so far, Keen’s advisor profiles are among the most informative.

This is not only because there are a lot of customer reviews but for the fact that these reviews include ratings for specific facets of the process.

For instance, each advisor is rated in individual categories such as kindness, helpfulness, accuracy, and honesty.


  • Specializing in phone-based online tarot readings
  • Free psychic readings (free minutes)
  • “Find Your Best Psychic Advisor” search filter
  • “Readings 101” feature helps you prepare for psychic readings
  • 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Great phone app


  • Limited customer service hours

Things to Avoid Doing During a Psychic Phone Reading

Getting a psychic reading online over the telephone can be tricky if it’s your first time. Here are a few tips you might want to consider.

Get Rid of Unrealistic Expectations

If it took a while to arrive at your current problem, then it’s unrealistic to think an psychic can straighten it all out in one psychic reading.

Occasionally spiritual readings can offer miraculous insights, but for the most part, an psychic is there to provide helpful advice and some hope for the future rather than a definite solution to your problem.

Do Not Be Impatient

Impatience is not one of the seven deadly sins, but it ought to be. In fact, it’s often what aggravates the problems we go to an psychic for.

What can make things even worse is when we’re too impatient to realize that the healing offered by a reading requires both acceptance and time.

If it took God 7 days to make the universe, try to allow your online psychic more than a single psychic reading online to help you recreate your world.

Avoid Negative Thinking

What makes both a great psychic and a great reading is not so much the answers they give.

Instead, it can be all about how they can change our perception of the ruts we have fallen into.

When it comes to getting a psychic reading, try not to have either a negative or hopeful mindset but rather an open mind.

Let the Professional Guide the Session

The Dalai Lama once said, “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”

You’re paying to hear what your psychic has to say, so let them say it and trust that the psychic reading session you’re getting will open your eyes (and heart) to the solution you need.

The Advantages of Online Psychic Readings by Phone

Many psychics agree that online psychic readings are more convenient than in-person readings. Yet, if that’s the case, what’s the difference between psychic readings by phone, online chats, and video readings?

First of all, convenience is one of the reasons why readings by phone are superior to other types of readings.

For example, an online chat reading would require you to both type and read, thus limiting your ability to do anything else. Likewise, a video reading would demand that you focus on the screen image.

On the other hand, psychic reading by phone would not require your full attention. Much like with a regular phone conversation, you can do other things while you’re listening.

Now it is true that phone psychic readings can be slightly more expensive than chat readings, but readings over the phone are cheaper than a video reading and the most convenient of the three.

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How Do Psychic Readings by Phone Work?

Getting a psychic reading online over the telephone is simple. Here are the basic steps.

Create an Account

To get a psychic reading on the phone, most sites require you to first open an account with either a credit card or a guaranteed form of payment like PayPal.

Search for a Psychic Reader

Most online psychic services have search filters, so you can check the advisor’s profiles to find an psychic who specializes in the sort of question you need to be answered.

The profiles usually contain rates and other information about a psychic’s background, like personal talents and areas of expertise.

Manage Your Psychic Reading

Once your phone psychic reading begins, you will be charged by the minute for as long as you remain online.

You can hang up at any point, and you will only be charged for the actual time you were connected with the psychic.

Additional Tips on How To Get the Most Out of Your Reading

To keep the call manageable, it’s usually a good idea to have your questions prepared ahead of time.

Once you ask your question, keep your talking to a minimum and listen, listen, listen.

It’s also good to pay attention that your psychic isn’t trying to drag out the call by going off on a tangent.

How Much Do Phone Psychics Charge per Minute?

The per-minute charge of most psychic readings by phone is determined by either the experience level of the online psychic or whatever the individual psychic chooses to charge.

Some sites like AskNow rate their online psychics in distinct categories like “Top Rated,” “Elite,” and “Master” Psycihc Advisors, while other sites merely classify a reader’s level with different price points.

Some sites allow the advisors to set their own per-minute prices.

How Accurate Are Online Psychic Readers?

The accuracy of telephone readings can be very subjective. Some advisors can be right on the money, while others aren’t even in the ballpark.

This is why it’s essential to shop around and test out a few psychics and psychic reading sites before you choose one.

Often the success or failure of a psychic reading is not about the actual ability of the psychic but whether or not there’s a personal or spiritual connection between the reader and customer.

A good way to test out various psychics is to use some free psychic reading and free psychic minutes deals offered by the psychic websites listed in this survey.

>> Search for experienced and verified psychic phone readers on AskNow’s website >>

Can Psychics Perform Tarot Readings Over The Phone?

Yes, psychic advisors can perform Tarot readings over the phone.

Even though part of the fun of getting a tarot reading is watching tarot card readers shuffle their spreads, it’s not really necessary for the customer to see the cards.

In fact, contrary to popular superstition, it also isn’t necessary for the customer to shuffle or touch the cards either.

All that’s required for tarot or online psychic reading to work is that a magical link, or conscious line of communication, has been established between the online psychic and the customer.

When Should You Call a Psychic Reading Service for Guidance?

You should call an online psychic reading service for guidance whenever it feels like you truly need help, and you’re ready to listen.

Now more than ever, people are reaching out to online psychic reading websites for advice. That’s because psychic readings online have proven to be helpful when someone is facing a complex personal issue and needs a compassionate and intuitive voice of reason.

Here are some specific situations when calling an online psychic for guidance would be both appropriate and valuable.

You’re Concerned About Romance

The most common question asked on psychic reading sites usually involves love. This should come as no surprise since many people experience love as either an epiphany or a crisis, depending on whether a relationship is beginning or ending.

In either situation, a psychic reading might help you see things differently by clarifying any underlying feelings and attitudes that may inadvertently be impacting your relationship.

You Lose Sleep Over Finances

Money is one of the most misunderstood things in our existence. That’s because it’s essentially a talisman that’s symbolic of something else. This puts it under the heading of magic and in the realm of psychic readings.

If you’re having money issues, consulting the best psychics you can find who specializes in finances would be great. 

Both psychologically and magically, money can be seen as a reflection of your inner self-worth.

Online psychic reading for money could help you let go of emotional and psychological attitudes that may secretly undermine your ability to manifest what you need.

You Worry About Your Health

On one level, our bodies are biological, but on another, they are vibrational.

Understanding the world of vibrations is the essence of both magic and psychic abilities. An online psychic reading could be helpful in recognizing how certain subtle non-physical energies may be working behind the scenes to impact your health negatively.

Modern medical science promotes a similar concept by acknowledging how much stress can affect our physical and mental health.

If An Important Decision Is Weighing On Your Mind

To use an old cliché, having to make an important decision can sometimes cause you to lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Online psychic reading can often help you expand your viewpoint beyond the limits imposed on you by worry.

This way, you can see the situation for what it is rather than what you fear it will be.

Best Websites for Telephone Phone Readings - The Verdict

Nowadays, many people have turned to psychics for advice and guidance, with psychic readings by phone being perhaps the most convenient way to do so.

If you’ve been considering an online psychic reading, we’ve tried to point out the best psychic reading sites, not only for quality online psychic reading but also for the greatest deals on free psychic readings and free psychic minutes.

AskNow took number one among the psychic reading websites we reviewed, with their highly-screened readers, $1 a minute deals, and free Master minutes winning the day.

The runners-up for the best psychic readings over the phone were Psychic Source and Kasamba. The former for their $1 a minute packages and 30 years of experience, and the latter for their love readings and 3 free chat minutes with each new psychic reader you try.

>> Try out phone readings on AskNow for just $1/minute >>

Ultimately, we hope our choices for the best online psychic readings over the phone have simplified your quest for the most suitable psychic reading platform.

Once you get your reading, maybe it will also motivate you to tell others how great this type of psychic assistance can be for improving our lives.

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