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Best Oil for your Heart

Is there an edible oil that can be used for your everyday cooking and also helps improving your heart health? Research has shown that Rice Bran Oil is one such cooking medium reported to have several such beneficial qualities. The World Health Organization (WHO) & American Heart Association have recommended Rice Bran Oil as the best choice for improving the serum cholesterol levels.

Not only this oil has multiple health benefits but also this is a largely underutilized indigenous oil despite all the advantages it has. Due to its stability and pleasant flavour, Rice Bran Oil forms an ideal medium for cooking. This oil contains a natural antioxidant named Oryzanol which helps in reducing the bad cholesterol & improving the good cholesterol. Hence truly beneficial in improving your quality of life.

1. What is Rice Bran Oil?

This refers to the oil extracted from the healthiest part of Rice. There’s been a common misconception that it is extracted from Rice. However, the reality is that Rice Bran oil is extracted from Bran, a brown layer that the rice kernel is coated with. The same brown layer which makes Brown Rice a healthier option compared to the polished rice where this layer is removed. Freedom Physically refined Rice Bran oil is available in the markets with all these qualities and hence makes the best cooking choice.

Best Oil for your Heart


2. What exactly is Oryzanol?

The magical layer called Bran contains a micronutrient named Oryzanol which helps in reducing your body’s bad cholesterol and improving good cholesterol. It has also been recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) as an effective choice to keep body cholesterol under control. Freedom Physically refined oil has 10,000+ ppm of Oryzanol which acts as a natural antioxidant and hence keep’s your body cholesterol levels under check.

3. Forms a balanced Fat Profile

Rice Bran Oil also contains Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA), Omega -6 Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) which form a balanced Fat Profile, Tocopherols & Tocotrienols which are natural antioxidants– basically all good things your body needs to stay healthy. In addition, Rice Bran Oil also contains Vitamins A & D. Freedom Rice Bran Oil is one such cooking medium readily available in the markets and close on all the parameters listed so far.

4. Why is Rice Bran Oil a good medium for Indian cooking?

An important property that makes Rice Bran Oil a perfect partner for Indian cooking is it’s High Smoking point 232 degree centigrade (450 degree Fahrenheit). This makes it ideal for deep frying, which forms the heart of Indian cooking. So, fulfil your occasional cravings while keeping your cholesterol levels in check. There’s also a perception that foods cooked in Rice Bran Oil tend to absorb less, making it an ideal medium for Sautéing, Tempering aside from deep frying.

These properties make Rice Bran Oil an ideal medium for use even in the cosmetic world as a lot of beauty sector companies use this oil in their products. Do check your sunscreens and day creams for the elements pertaining to this oil.

Many families have realized the importance and benefits of Freedom physically refined Rice Bran oil & have switched over to this healthier cooking medium. As the saying goes – Health is Wealth, Rice Bran Oil would best compliment keeping your inner self healthy while your physical efforts keep your external body healthy. And good health means fewer trips to the hospital, lesser medical bills and more importantly lower risk of infections.


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