2022’s Best Online Fortune Teller Websites for Accurate, Insightful, Free Fortune Telling

May 24, 2022 04:45 pm | Updated 04:45 pm IST

Tarot cards, dowsing tool and crystals on a wooden board

Tarot cards, dowsing tool and crystals on a wooden board

Fortune telling, or predicting the future, is what most of us think of when it comes to getting a psychic reading. 

Even though psychics have been around since ancient times, fortune telling and other mystical services have experienced a sudden rise in popularity. 

We all know the reason for this. Lockdown… 

Time and “isolation” have caused a gradual change in how we generally view spirituality and the nature of reality. 

Yet, with psychic services, more specifically online fortune telling services, now widely accepted, we still need to be vigilant. 

What distinguishes one online fortune teller from another? Which platform should we trust?

After consulting our crystal ball and taking a deep dive into the world of online fortune telling, we’ve managed to develop a new understanding of the phenomena.

What’s more, we also found where it’s possible to get an affordable online reading from a top-shelf fortune teller online.

Best Fortune Teller Websites of 2022 - First Look

  1. Kasamba - Best fortune tellers
  2. Psychic Source - Best for medium telling
  3. Keen - Best phone fortune telling
  4. AskNow - Most trusted fortune readings
  5. Oranum - Affordable fortune telling services

1. Kasamba - Best Fortune Tellers for everything about Love



  • Email readings can take up to 24 hours

For more than 20 years, the skilled fortune tellers and psychics at Kasamba have been providing sage advice and predictions to their customers. No matter what worries you, every fortune teller at Kasamba will offer you their talent and insight to guide you toward that light at the end of the tunnel. 

This is particularly true for the questions about matters of the heart, but you are welcome to ask the resident fortune tellers about anything that you seek answers to. 

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Help Choosing the Best Fortune Teller for You

If you wish to speak with a fortune teller, Kasamba believes you should be an informed customer. 

So, choosing the fortune telling option in the main menu will give you an explanation of what fortune telling entails, including its methods and history. 

In addition, you can easily access a FAQ section about everything else you need to know, including the description of how to choose your personal online fortune teller. 

Variety of Fortune Telling Methods 

Every advisor on Kasamba has a detailed profile where they explain the various techniques they use to guide you through whatever questions you may have about the future.

This is particularly important if the romantic affairs are what interests you most. 

From esoteric practices such as reading coffee grounds and Chinese astrology to more common methods like tarot card reading, there is an abundance of ways to have your fortune read on Kasamba.

Prices and Customer Deals

With prices starting at $3.99 per minute, Kasamba has a fortune telling option that can fit whatever your personal fortunes will allow. 

Plus, every time you choose a new fortune teller on Kasamba you get 3 free psychic reading chat minutes. This is a great way to try out different fortune tellers until you find the one that’s right for you.

For all new customers, there is also a deal where you automatically get 3 free minutes credited to your first paid reading.

>> Click here to get a free reading on Kasamba >>

What Real Customers Are Saying About Kasamba

“Spot on. They gave me great information about my guides and love life. I will be visiting again!!” – User_jhu9t7 –  4/3/2022

“Amazing and very special! Accurate and detailed reading and very kind and supportive! Many thanks.” – skwoman – 4/3/2022

2. Psychic Source - Best Fortune Telling Mediums


  • Experienced, tested fortune tellers in every category
  • Live Fortune Tellers available by phone, chat, or video
  • $1 a minute deals for new customers
  • Over 30 years of experience online 
  • Number #1 for fortune telling mediums


  • Free minutes discounts are for new customers only

As the oldest site reviewed in this article, Psychic Source is considered an old guard in the fortune teller industry. 

Providing everything from traditional astrology and tarot readings to psychic medium and spiritual readings, the advisors at Psychic Source are ready to predict whatever fortunes await you as the world turns. 

>> Get your fortune read for $1/minute at Psychic Source >>

You Get to Work with Fortune Telling Veterans

Like a fine wine that improves with age, Psychic Source has been a pioneer in the world of online fortune telling since the 1990s. It operates a highly screened network of fortune telling advisors that offer a wide range of techniques and specialties, including phone, chat, and video readings.

Also, Psychic Source has been around for a long time to be considered a veritable veteran of the fortune reading scene.

Genuine Fortune Tellers Specialized in Mediumship

While tarot readers depend on the cards and astrologers on the movements of the planets, the fortune telling mediums at Psychic Source are not limited by their tools of the trade. 

Nurturing their ability to connect with spirits and intelligence beyond themselves, the seasoned fortune tellers at Psychic Source are renowned for their ability to offer you a glimpse into the future

Newbie-Friendly Approach 

If you’re a first-timer to online spiritual services, then you’re probably well aware of how confusing it can be to find the right fortune teller. 

As an experienced fortune telling provider that aims to serve newbies and returning users alike, Psychic Source devised an interactive “ Find a Psychic” tool. 

How Does It Work? It’s Really Simple. 

All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and “Find a Psychic” will hook you up with the most suitable fortune teller for you in a little more than a minute.

Prices and Customer Deals

With prices starting at $4.99, Psychic Source is a competitively priced online fortune telling site.

For new customers, there is a special $1 a minute deal available in 10, 20, and 30-minute packages that also includes 3 free minutes with your first scheduled reading.

>> Click here to claim your free reading on Psychic Source >>

What Real Customers Are Saying About Psychic Source

“Extremely empowering, intuitive, accurate, and patient. I highly recommend!!!” - Carlo1984 3/24/2022

“Her predictions can be way in the future but it always happens” Ash1002kay 4/2/2022

3. Keen - Reputable Fortune Teller Site for Spiritual Guidance


  • Largest network of online fortune telling psychics
  • Wide price range offers fortune tellers for all budgets
  • Best fortune telling phone app for those on the go
  • Good discount package for new customers
  • “Readings 101” feature to help you choose the right fortune teller


  • Money-back guarantee for site credit only

With the largest community of online psychic fortune tellers in the world, Keen has just celebrated its twentieth year in business. Spurred on by numerous positive customer reviews, this is a site that can offer you just about everything when it comes to fortune teller services.

>> Browse 1000s of fortune tellers on Keen >>

You Get To Learn More About Fortune Telling 

Besides a huge pool of professional fortune tellers right there at your fingertips, another stellar aspect of Keen is its large and highly interesting articlessection

Covering a wide array of topics and phenomena, there is something for every level of esoteric interest, from auras and energy vortices to the technical ins and outs of the tarot readings and other fortune telling tools. 

Fortune Tellers of Diverse Cultural Backgrounds

Fortune telling is not a practice limited to one country or place, but rather a global phenomenon associated with just about every culture in the world. 

Keen is sensitive to this, which is why they offer fortune telling techniques from all over the globe. 

From Chinese, Vedic, Western, and Mayan Astrology, to cartomancy and numerology, Keen has both a psychic and fortune telling service available to you no matter where you’re from. 

Prices and Customer Deals

If you’re a new customer then the first three minutes of your first reading are free. Besides that, you are also eligible to purchase a very attractive package that allows you 10 minutes of reading time for only $1.99

This is a great deal because those 10 minutes can be used with as many fortune tellers as you’d like until you find the right one.

>> Find the best prices on Keen >> 

What Real Customers Are Saying About Keen

“The only reader I come back to consistently. Everything predicted to date has been accurate! – Member 492586  2/27/2022

“She told me I would get the job I interviewed for and I did. She even told me questions they would ask and they did! Bsmile 3/29/2022

4. AskNow - Most Trusted Financial Fortune Tellers


  • Highly screened and tested fortune tellers
  • $1 a minute deal for new customers
  • 5 free minutes with a master psychic with the $1 a minute package
  • 1 free email question with a live reader
  • The ability to schedule an advance appointment


  • Money-back guarantee limited to $5 site credit only

When it comes to finding a genuine fortune teller online, AskNow prides itself on having the most rigorously screened fortune tellers on the Internet. 

Though they may not be as old as some of the other sites mentioned, they’re steadily expanding their pool of users. With a particular knack for doing readings on money matters, you can get in touch with financial fortune tellers at AskNow to help you with advancing your fortune.

>> Get five-minutes *FREE with a Master Fortune Teller on AskNow >>

Fortune Tellers Are Carefully Selected

If there is one thing that AskNow makes perfectly clear, it’s that they put all their fortune tellers through the equivalent of a boot camp when it comes to screening, testing, and requiring the highest ethical behavior from anyone who applies. 

In fact, only a small fraction of the fortune tellers who apply are eventually allowed to read for AskNow.

Rating System Helps You Get the Best Advisor for Your Buck 

The fortune tellers at AskNow are grouped into three different categories based on their ability and price. In ascending order these would be their Top Rated, Elite, and Master Advisors. 

The advantage of this kind of rating system is that it provides a quality fortune teller reading no matter what your budget is.

Prices and Customer Deals

The previously mentioned categories are priced as follows: top-rated advisors start at $5.99 a minute, elite advisors at $10 a minute, and master advisors at $12 a minute and up.

There are also 20 and 30-minute introductory offers at $1 a minute for first-time customers that include an additional 5 free minutes with a master advisor. If you do the math, that can add up to be a $100 value for only $30! 

>> You can get a five-minute *free reading on AskNow >>

What Real Customers Are Saying About Asknow

She has seen things just days before it happens. She has also seen specific things happening days in advance.” Zumbamama071 2/9/2022

“I have worked with her for about 6 years and her predictions are spot on!” - Jupol71 1/26/2022

The Advantages of Getting a Fortune Reading Online

It’s Never Been More Convenient

Back in the day, seeing a fortune teller near you frequently required a trip to some out of the way or questionable place. Yet, times have changed, and now it’s possible to get a reading with an experienced fortune teller online from the comfort of your home via phone, chat, or video. 

Enjoy the Safety and Security

Instead of those previously mentioned old-school visits to the middle of nowhere, now you can be protected by a highly professional website like Kasamba or Psychic Source

They will not only screen your fortune teller, but also provide a secure payment system that will take something of a pleasurable risk, but none of the enlightenment, out of your online fortune telling session. 

You Can Save Money

Having a reading with a psychic online also saves money. That’s because online fortune telling sessions are charged by the minute, which means you can have shorter, more frequent, and less expensive appointments whenever the need arises. 

How Do I Find Free Fortune Telling Platforms Online?

You can find free fortune telling platforms online in two ways.

The first is to engage an automated oracle. These are online programs that use AI algorithms to either answer simple yes or no questions or else randomly select angel or tarot cards.

The other way is to shop around for the free minute deals that reputable websites like Kasamba or Keen offer to their new customers.

How Much Do Professional Online Fortune Tellers Charge?

A professional online fortune teller will charge by the minute and fees can run anywhere from $0.99 to $30 or more per minute

Many professional online fortune teller sites also offer incentive discounts for new customers that can include anything from free fortune telling services in minutes to packages costing as low as $1 a minute.

How Beneficial Is Fortune Telling in Finding Love?

Fortune telling can be beneficial in finding love because fortune telling and romantic affection operate on the same wavelength to create a magic of sorts. 

Let me explain how this works. 

When you consult with a psychic about love, you’re essentially sending out a magical advertisement into the ether. 

If your diviner is the real deal, they will pick up on similar vibrations out there and thus be able to make a prediction that will guide you to another whose desires and hopes align with yours.

Of course, this isn’t foolproof. 

It’s always necessary to first look within ourselves and make sure we are both sensitive and strong enough to give and receive love. 

Just bear in mind that when you go psychic readings with a fortune teller and the subject is love, you are trafficking on the same magical wavelength where love eternally circulates.

What Psychic Abilities Do Fortune Tellers Possess?

Fortune teller readings and psychic sessions both draw from the Universal Spirit, so the type of psychic abilities a fortune teller may have will vary from one to another. 

By definition, a fortune teller is an individual with the ability to go beyond the normal boundaries of time and space to try to perceive the non-ordinary connections between people and events. 

These abilities can come in many forms, but here are a few of the psychic abilities that an expert in these arts may have:

  • Clairvoyance is when a psychic has the ability to “see” images in their mind’s eye of events or people that are remote in time and space. This ability is also sometimes called “psychic imagination.”
  • Clairaudience is the ability to hear the thoughts and/or voices of spirits or higher beings.
  • Extra Sensory Perception or ESP means the psychic reader is in possession of any type of awareness or ability that goes beyond their normal 5 senses.
  • Telepathy is the communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses. 
  • Precognition is when the psychic has the paranormal foreknowledge of a future event.
  • Mediumship is the ability to mediate communication between any disembodied spirit and a living being.
  • Clairsentience is when a psychic reader can perceive what is normally not perceptible, for instance, what someone remote from them is feeling or doing at a particular moment.

How To Tell an Online Fortune Teller Is Genuine?

You can tell that an online fortune teller is genuine only if you actually try their psychic services.

This is because fortune telling is the act of predicting an event that hasn’t happened yet. If this was too common, we’d all be online fortune tellers. 

Yet since it’s exceedingly rare, it’s important to do your homework before paying your hard-earned money to anyone who claims to be a fortune telling expert.

Check Out Customer Reviews

Accurate fortune tellers online are nothing short of miraculous. Anyone can be right occasionally, but to be right consistently is amazing. Make sure the advisor you’re thinking of seeing has the customer reviews to validate their professed ability.

Test Out a Few Online Fortune Tellers First

Most fortune teller sites offer some sort of deal where it’s possible to test drive a teller online before committing to a paid reading. Specifically, Kasamba offer 3 free chat minutes with each new teller you try.

Beware of Fortune Tellers Who Promote Fear or Promise Wealth

It’s human nature to both fear the unknown and dream of prosperous windfalls. Fortune telling is something that claims to pull back the curtain of the future that conceals these things from us. 

Beware of online fortune tellers that try to manipulate either your fears or hopes. You’ll know that’s happening as soon as any additional money is requested to either save you or make you rich. 

The Best Fortune Teller Is a Guide, Not a God

Genuine fortune teller psychics are there to counsel you through what they see coming. 

Their job is to share as much as they can so you can make an informed choice and be the master of your own destiny. 

The best fortune teller will also make you feel like you intuitively knew what was coming, even if it wasn’t conscious.

During a Fortune Telling Session on the Phone, What Kinds of Questions Can a Customer Ask?

First, there is nothing wrong with asking a psychic you phoned the same type of questions you would use in a “live” setting. 

The best strategy is to check the profiles of fortune tellers online in advance once you have a clear understanding of what you want to ask during a fortune telling session.

Having said that, here are some examples of the most common questions based on their categories. 

General Questions

  • Given my current situation, what do I need to know for the future regarding my career?
  • Is this the right place for me to live in terms of my future? If it isn’t, where is the best place for me to prosper?
  • What do I need to do to attain the goal I am currently pursuing (whatever it is)?

Business and Travel

  • Is this the best time to be looking to buy a car? (Or any other major purchase)
  • Is this the best time for me to start my new business? If not now, when?
  • I’ve always wanted to travel, is this a good time to do it?

Love and Family

  • I have to choose between lovers (or jobs). Which choice will work out the best for all parties involved?
  • An association (marriage, business partnership, or friendship) is in trouble, what can I do to make things right? What will happen if I don’t try to fix things?
  • What will be the outcome if I try to make amends with a family member?

What Are Some Good Fortune Teller Apps?

Of the services that have been covered in this article, Keen, Kasamba, and Psychic Source all have excellent phone apps. All of them are available for both iOs and Android, though if we had to pick the best, Keen has been the pacesetter for several years now with their phone App.

AskNow also has phone apps, except the AskNow App is only available for iOS.

Best Online Fortune Teller Websites - Wrapping Up

Altogether we’ve looked at 4 online fortune telling sites, all of them with well-established reputations. Of the 4, we felt Kasamba was ultimately the best fortune teller site out there. 

What initially caught our attention about them, is the 3 free minutes they offer with each new reader you try. 

But what sealed the deal is that Kasamba has a separate fortune telling category in their menu of readings. It puts you a notch above the competition when you list the topic we’re exploring in this article as a heading on your home page.

>> Connect with a compassionate fortune teller for free on Kasamba >>

The remaining fortune teller websites in our top three are Psychic Source and Keen

Psychic Source is usually known for its psychic mediums, but after careful review, we felt that fortune telling could also be listed as one of their psychic specialties. 

As for Keen, while they’re known for having the largest collection of online psychics, we also found them to have a large (and talented) roster when it came to fortune telling and predictions.

To sum it up, whether you’re interested in fortune telling or psychic readings, all of these sites are good. However, there’s also something else you should keep in mind.

The future is not written.

No matter what sort of advice you receive in an online fortune telling session or a psychic reading, it ultimately comes down to your own judgment and free will whether or not you should act on what you’ve been told.

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