‘We need Indian superheroes rooted in our culture and ethos’


Entrepreneur Vishwas Mudagal opens up about his latest book and the popularity of Indian mythology

Vishwas Mudagal wears many hats, as the CEO and co-founder of GoodWorkLabs, a motivational speaker and an author. He has recently come out with his second book, The Last Avatar, a tale set in a dystopian future with mythology and threads of science fiction, with an Indian superhero trying to save the world. The book is the first instalment of a three-part trilogy. In a free-wheeling interview, he speaks about the book and the nascent superhero culture in India.

The inspiration

The Last Avatar is filled with references to mythology and has elements of science-fiction in it too. It has taken me eight years of research, writing, rewriting and practically living this book to create the last avatar, Kalki in flesh and blood.

The book was inspired by the geopolitical rumblings happening globally and is set in a dystopian future, where the entire leadership of the country is wiped out and Kalki emerges as the only hope against the forces of evil. He is trained by a secret society.

‘We need Indian superheroes rooted in our culture and ethos’

Growing popularity of mythology

I believe mythology has always been a favourite in India. We have had a tradition of epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. People in India are rooted in mythology as a culture. We want to see a battle of good versus evil and good triumphing over evil. These are the reasons for the growing interest in the epics.

Superheroes in India

It is sad that superheroes are non-existent in India. It is mainly because we do not have a comic book culture. Due to the influx of Hollywood superheroes, we have complex storylines and high-quality content pouring in from outside the country. We need Indian superheroes rooted in our culture and ethos. That is something I wanted to fix. I was tired of Hollywood superheroes and decided to bring a true Indian superhero.

Characters with shades of grey

I think it is challenging and helps bring out a unique angle to their personality that drives their motives and ambitions.

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