1. Siachen 1987 (HarperCollins) by Lt. Gen. Ramesh Kulkarni and Anjali Karpe is a memoir which gives an account of important combat operations during Lt. Gen. Kulkarni’s tenure, including Operative Rajiv and Operation Vajr Shakti, which was launched to secure the post from Pakistan’s attempts to recapture it. 
  2. For years, Sanjay Pinto, an advocate and journalist, wrote a newspaper column on legal matters, cutting through the jargon and simplifying it for readers. High and Law (Thomson Reuters) continues in that vein, and explains statutes and other nuances of the law in a lucid manner. 
  3. Three women brutally raped and assaulted are left for dead in Calcutta. In a cat-and-mouse game, top cop Tanya Samanta is pushed to the limits and finds herself running out of time to catch the elusive culprit in Suhit Sen’s atmospheric crime fiction, The Hunter of Lalbazar (Speaking Tiger). 
  4. When 21-year-old Vishnu is murdered in a hate crime in the U.S., his conscience travels through time to look back on the life, and, in the process, deconstructs the systemic hate and violence in India and America. Vishnu finds he is both victim and offender in Karan Madhok’s A Beautiful Decay (Aleph).