Health books to lead you towards a holistic life

Yoga of Rehab - The Twelve Sutras for Transcending Addiction

By Anjali Talcherkar, Garuda Prakashan

Health books to lead you towards a holistic life

This book is a candid confession of an Indian-American woman, Anjali Talcherkar, who empowered herself with yoga to break her addiction. It is about her brave transformation from a teenager in the US caught in the nexus of alcohol, drugs and a state of denial. Years later, a course at Art of Living ashram in India helped her regain her sense of direction but following the death of her husband, ironically to a drug overdose, she again hit rock-bottom. Once again, yoga gave her the courage to bounce back, she writes.

During the years of her rehabilitation, learning and emergence, Anjali obtained a doctorate in Integrative Medicine to back her experiences with scientific research. The book details specific asanas, mantras and mottos for healing. “Transcending addiction requires a deep search within, and in working the 12 sutras, we undergo a complete psychological and spiritual change,” she assures us.

Science of Yoga: Understand the Anatomy and Physiology to Perfect Your Practice

By Ann Swanson, Dorling Kindersley

Health books to lead you towards a holistic life

This easy-to-understand comprehensive guide delves into the science behind yoga, and its benefits. The well researched book contains annotated artworks to demonstrate the different ways of doing yoga, how it affects the respiration and the blood flow to various organs in the body. Readers get to learn about muscle and joint actions in each posture.

The author has highlighted 30 key standing and seating asanas and also included an extensive chapter in a Q & A format that clears many doubts for those wishing to inculcate yoga into their everyday lives.


By Sharath Jeevan, Hachette India

Health books to lead you towards a holistic life

Sharath Jeevan, founder of the startup STIR Education, says the society is in a motivational mess today. Practically every individual at some point of time in life feels jaded, unhappy with either the organisation they work for, or the academic institutions their children attend. Many feel alienated from the society they live in, given their host of individual, family or community problems. But it necessarily be not this way, the author writes and shows how motivational thinking holds the key to change our state of mind.

Applying the concepts of purpose (how and what we do to help others), autonomy (our ability to change a negative thought or situation to a positive one) and mastery (the continuous drive to keep getting better ) and sharing examples from around the world, the author helps readers get a new perspective on their motivation crisis.

The book inspires you to rediscover yourself, refocus and fall back in love with life because it tries to pull you out of the malaise you feel you are in.

Lose Fat, Get Fittr: The Simple Science of Staying Healthy For Life

By Jitendra Chouksey, Rupa Publications

Health books to lead you towards a holistic life

This book urges readers to begin their fitness journey without further delay. It shows the way with a stepwise guide that is based on scientific research and debunks many myths around nutrition and fitness.

Jitendra Chouksey, Founder and CEO, Fittr, attempts at educating readers about quantified nutrition (carefully measuring nutrients you consume) and exercise, that he describes as the two fundamental pillars of good health. He says the tenets shared by him, if followed properly, will help even the most stubborn individuals to incorporate changes in their lifestyle and take baby steps to fitness. It is an opportunity to embark upon a new life, he writes.

The Key To Good Health

By Dr HV Sardesai, Inking Innovations

Health books to lead you towards a holistic life

In this informative and interesting read, the author highlights how we can take our health in our own hands and manage it better for our own good. Today, people rely on information from WhatsApp forwards or other social media and it can lead to misconceptions about diseases and illnesses.

Given the quantum of irrelevant information floating around, the author felt compelled to write the book to reiterate the importance of hygiene, diet and exercise in everybody’s life. He covers key topics like anaemia, deficiency of micronutrients, lack of cleanliness and sanitation and how it can affect us. He writes that there can be no compromise on proper nutritious diet, regular exercises, diagnosis and timely treatment of any ailment. We alone are responsible for our health and quality of life. Instead of falling to fancy diets and expensive alternatives, we should understand what is good and important for our body to keep it healthy, he writes.


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