Here is a list of books that take you on the route to wellness

The Age of Pandemics 1817-1920: How They Shaped India and the World

By Chinmay Tumbe, Harper Collins

Here is a list of books that take you on the route to wellness

Eight months ago when his eight-year-old son asked about pandemics, Chinmay Tumbe got anxious about the far reaching impact of disease outbreaks, what with COVID-19 turning into a deadly pandemic in living memory. The IIM-Ahmedabad professor felt his son was too young to know the word and it led him to research earlier pandemic experiences and the devastation caused.

The urgency to write a book emerged because Tumbe wanted to establish the relevance of learning from previous demographic disasters. The understanding of the past can help to tackle contemporary challenges, he says, and so, chose to write about cholera, plague and influenza that globally claimed 70 million lives between 1817 and 1920.

He found India was the epicenter of the diseases. But since the West was relatively less affected, it was erased from public memory even though the 1918 influenza pandemic claimed more Indian lives than all the battle casualties during World War I. Tumbe tries to uncover the period through memoirs, oral histories, statistics, maps, photographs, and media reports. He chronicles the many facets of the diseases, the likely causes and consequences focusing on the resilience with which people faced those uncertain times.

50 Desi Super Drinks

By Loveneet Batra, Rupa Publications

Here is a list of books that take you on the route to wellness

It takes relatively simple principles to create a healthy lifestyle. And nutritionist Lovneet Batra shows how easy it is to reach there with indigenous drinks. Her book is a vibrant guide that can motivate you to heal yourself naturally. She claims these nourishing easy-to-make beverages serve as natural remedies for more than 100 conditions ranging from anaemia, excess weight, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches and more. Her desi elixirs can also be your energy booster, stress-buster, and hangover cure.

Batra's recipes help you to experiment with local and seasonal fruits and vegetables and the many under-estimated ingredients readily available in our home kitchens. The wholesome drinks that evoke curiosity include coconut jackfruit smoothie, kokum-fig, bamboo shoot-lotus stem sherbet, cucumber-mint, bitter gourd-petha juice, ajwain-gur, mulethi-saunf karha, aloe vera-pineapple cooler, amla ginger shot and germinated fenugreek seeds-yoghurt shake.

Hope: Stories for a Healthy Mind

By Pragati Sureka, Scholastic

Here is a list of books that take you on the route to wellness

This is a conversation starter that draws attention to caring for children's mental health. Based on 15 years of experience in clinical psychology, Sureka has written three different short stories: They are about three children struggling with emotional challenges under the pressures, stress and strain of modern life and how they can be made more aware of it and equipped to handle situations better. The third story is about parents' roles in improving the mental health of their children by encouraging, appreciating, motivating and supporting them. The book is therapeutic for those looking for positive answers to keep anxiety at bay and help children have sound mental health for growing into emotionally strong adults.

Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain

By Lisa Feldman Barrett, Picador

Here is a list of books that take you on the route to wellness

Neuroscientist and Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University, Boston, Lisa Feldman Barrett describes her book as an entertaining and intriguing set of informal essays that makes you wonder why you have a brain and also demystifies the gray blob in between the ears with a touch of humour.

There are seven essays that reveal mind-expanding lessons and the important implications for human nature by looking at the brain as a network of wires that predicts everything you do and how it secretly works in tandem with other people’s brains to create everything you experience. The book is full of surprises for casual readers and scientific veterans as some popular myths -- such as the idea of a lizard brain or the alleged battle between thoughts and emotions, nature and nurture -- are dismissed. The 'half' mentioned in the title refers to a bite-sized story about how brains evolved and Barrett suggests you read the book in order to determine your own behaviour.

Breathing Here is Injurious to Your Health: the Human Cost of Air Pollution and How You Can be the Change

By Jyoti Pande Lavakare, Hachette India

Financial journalist Jyoti Pande turned into a clean air activist when her mother was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in 2017. The terminal illness was directly linked to air pollution. The irreplaceable loss of her mother made Jyoti take note of the hazardous levels of microparticles in the air and compelled her to write a book on the fatal effects of air pollution. She underlines that fast action can make us less susceptible to diseases, death, and now the pandemic.

Jyoti tracks the prevention of the air pollution movement in India, the various legislations introduced to combat it, and the citizen-led movements that are trying to bring down the pollution levels. She says whatever each of us can individually do to prevent, contain and lessen the impact on our lives is the key to bringing about immediate and necessary change. Written as a memoir, the book gives readers a map of how they can tackle the problem at community level as well. In view of COVID-19, Jyoti has also included a special chapter that connects air pollution to the current pandemic and refers to the impact of the lockdown on temporarily bringing down air pollution levels in Delhi.

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