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Teh book over of VegPlanet  

VegPlanet Magazine April, May, June 017; Rs.100; 102 pages

Are you a vegan, I mean pure vegetarian? Have you come across any glossy magazine published exclusively for the benefit of vegetarians, vegans and the ‘veg-curious’? Here is one that discusses food, amongst other topics, as the main ingredient.

Veg Planet is a quarterly magazine dedicated to create an awareness about cruelty to animals and how a 100 per cent vegan is not deprived of the required minerals, vitamins, proteins and energy from the food that he eats much against the belief that these are found in surplus in a non-vegetarian food. And that excludes milk also.

With a missionary zeal

Niranjan Amarnath, a non-vegetarian turned vegan, has brought out this journal with a missionary zeal. Apart from propagating vegetarianism, Niranjan has also ventured into bringing out this magazine to share the information, knowledge with everyone and widen the circle.

The colourful inaugural issue carries articles, Q&A, a reader’s section where queries such as ‘Are your favourite jeans cruelty free?’ are included. The book also comprises topics including a travel segment that offers tips on how to be a vegan tourist in Bangkok and Puducherry, a table of information listing the micro-nutrients of a host of edible plant materials and greens and beauty accessories that are 100 per cent free of animal fats. The issue also has a fitness corner for the self-conscious under the topic, ‘Building a cruelty free body: The Vegan Way.’

Last but not the least, as the name suggests VegPlanet is printed on an environment friendly LWC papers using vegetable/soy based inks. All subscriptions are to be made online at

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