Dream about me: Review of Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘Klara and the Sun’

Jaideep Unudurti

Hopeless in hovels: Janhavi Acharekar reviews Lindsay Pereira’s ‘Gods and Ends’

Janhavi Acharekar
Toil A Chinese tea plantation with workers carrying and firing the tea. Engraving by A. Willmore, c. 1840. Wiki Commons

Reviews of ‘Beyond Pan-Asianism: Connecting China and India, 1840s-1960s’, and ‘Tea-War: A History of Capitalism in China and India’: India’s forgotten China links

Ananth Krishnan

travel ‘Buddha in Gandhara’ review: Journeys on the Silk Road

Zac O'Yeah

‘A Pandemic and the Politics of Life’ review: A raging virus and its impact on the marginalised

Sudipta Datta

The begum and her beast: Anil Menon reviews ‘The Begum and the Dastan’ by Tarana Husain Khan

Anil Menon

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