The bead of good health

12 Mukhi Surya Pendant   | Photo Credit: Aishwarya Ramsundar

For some, it is a symbol of Lord Siva's tears, for others, it is an ancient bead known for its divine powers and positive effect on the human mind and good health. For many, the rudraksh is a symbol of spirituality, worn singly or in multiples in the form of a mala; some wear it as a talisman for effective healing of ailments such as blood pressure, stress and diabetes.

Kamal Narayan Seetha, a chemical engineer by profession, technocrat, scholar and writer, has researched the spiritual and creative properties of this bead for decades. He believes that it helps the process of self empowerment and positive changes from within. In fact, according to him, non-clinical trials by the Department of Pharmacology, University of Bombay, confirms that the rudraksh, used as a herb, is good for several chronic diseases. Says Seetha, “My mission is to unveil the mystery surrounding the bead and make people aware of its properties, to analyse people's experiences after wearing the rudraksh and supply genuine beads. We have done preliminary research on the efficacy of the beads.”

Study centre

Seetha heads ‘Rudralife', a foundation which not only sources genuine rudraksh from Nepal and the Himalayan foothills but is also actively involved in the research on this mystical bead.

The beads at the Rudraksh exhibition are genuine and span the entire gamut from ‘ek mukhi' to ‘21 mukhis.' Among the beautifully shaped Rudraksh malas are Siddha Mala of 1-4 mukhi beads, a Gowri Shankar mala and so on. There are 13 mukhi malas for creative artists, Saraswati band for students, panchmukhi bracelets set with pretty jade beads, Gowri Shankar pendants set in gold plated silver and single beads ready to be strung for clients with specific needs.

Each mukhi which is revealed when the bead is skinned, is symbolic of a particular deity and energy such as Bramha (char mukhi), Karthik (six mukhi), Ganesh (eight mukhi) and Surya (12 mukhi).

Prices range from Rs. 550 to Rs. 35,000. An artisan is available to string the mala and a pandit to energise it.

The Rudraksh exhibition is on at Sri Sankara Hall, TTK Road, Teynampet, till May 23.

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