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Goddess Lakshmi, a stone scuplture from the Chola period, 12th Century AD, south India.. Photo: V.V.Krishnan   | Photo Credit: V_V_Krishnan

1. A Sanskrit word meaning 'the favourite of Lord Madhava' also denotes a raga used in one of Muttuswami Dikshitar's compositions on Goddess Lakshmi. Which raga are we talking about?

2. Identify the odd one out:

a. Varalakshmi

b. Santanalakshmi

c. Gajalakshmi

d. Vidyalakshmi

3. One of Muttuswami Dikshitar's compositions refers to Goddess Lakshmi as 'Lalita'. Which one are we talking about?

a. Hariyuvatim

b. >Hiranmayim

c. >Shri Varalakshmi

d. Shri Bhargavi


1. Madhavamanohari

2. a; the others are part of the 8 ashtalakshmis

3. b


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