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Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom  

Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom is a winner whichever way you choose to look at it. With just a simple story and a small team of talented newcomers, director Balaji Dharaneedharan has, on a shoestring budget, managed to deliver what even major banners with their big budgets and huge star casts often struggle to make — a wholesome entertainer.

The film begins with Premkumar (Vijay Sethupathy), whose reception and wedding are to take place over two days, sharing his problems, which include a disgruntled boss and a lost bike, with three of his close friends Baks (Bagavathy Perumal), Balaji (Rajkumar) and Saras (Vigneshwaran). With nothing much to do until the reception, the friends plan to while away their time playing a game of cricket. Unfortunately, during the match, Prem suffers a head injury which leads to temporary memory loss.

Scared to disclose the truth to his relatives, especially the bride, the friends fervently hope that the bridegroom regains his memory before his wedding reception that is to take place the next day. However, that is not to be. What follows is a series of hilarious incidents which keep the audience hooked.

The film scores on several counts. First, every single scene has a purpose. There are no songs other than the title track which the director uses to introduce his characters. Balaji deserves a pat on the back for proving that good commercial films can be made sans songs.

Next, the cast is perfect. The film has no major stars, yet almost every single newcomer featured has delivered. Vigneshwaran as Saras excels along with Vijay Sethupathy, who is probably the only other recognisable face in the cast, and Gayathri (the heroine). They are supported well by Bagavathy Perumal and Rajkumar as the other two friends. The entire story revolves around the four male characters and all four deserve credit. Gayathri has a brief but important role and makes an appearance only in the middle of the second half.

S. Ved Shankar’s background score is just perfect. Especially, the tune for the scene in which Saras is moved after learning about Prem’s faith in him, is brilliant.

Cameraman C. Premkumar has done an excellent job capturing the events as they unfold. The film is after all inspired by his story.

The only lapse, if one may call it so, is in the dialogue department. Prem is often shown repeating his lines. Although it is to establish the point that he has lost his memory, it is at times annoying.

On the whole, a film that is definitely worth watching. Balaji Dharaneedharan, take a bow!

Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom

Genre: Comedy

Director: Balaji Dharaneedharan

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Gayathri, Baghavathy Perumal, Rajkumar, Vigneshwaran

Storyline: Three guys help a friend, who suffers short-time memory loss just a couple of days before his wedding, marry his sweetheart.

Bottomline: A fun-filled entertainer that warms the cockles of your heart

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