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From the Archives: Nixon wins Republican Party nomination

Former Vice-President Richard Nixon who captured the Republican Presidential nomination yesterday [August 8, Miami Beach (Florida)] in the first ballot itself with an impressive margin told the party convention during its closing hours that all of America’s peace-keeping institutions and all of America’s foreign commitments must be reappraised. Referring to the $150 billion the U.S. has so far provided by way of military and economic aid to other countries, Mr. Nixon said the ‘time had come for other free nations to bear their fair share of the burden for defending freedom and keeping the peace.’ The Republican candidate who is not too well disposed towards the U.S. foreign aid programme, however said, he was not outlining any policy of new isolationism. In his acceptance speech, Mr. Nixon promised to negotiate with the Communist world but added, that he would seek to do so from a ‘position of strength’. He said he would try to bring about an ‘honourable end to the war in Viet Nam and a policy to prevent more Viet Nams’ if elected President. On civil rights the Republican candidate, referring presumably to a breakdown of law and order in the cities due to Black unrest and the consequent violence (Miami itself had a grim taste of this during the last 48 hours when racial disturbances left at least three Blacks dead) said that ‘the first civil right of every American is to be free from domestic violence.’ This is a prescription with which Liberal leaders in the country have not agreed. They have been saying that ‘law and order is the code for racism.’ The nominee criticised the Great Society programmes of the Johnson Administration and said the way to solve the problem of poverty was to let private enterprise initiate programmes which the Government was now wasting money on.

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