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From the Archives (Sept. 12, 1969): Moon’s origin remains a puzzle

The moon went through violent and torrid pains of birth and early infancy about the same time as the earth, but then it died and became “a very quiet, peaceful place”, scientists at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory believe. This conclusion was revealed in interviews as the scientists prepared to release some of the lunar material on Friday [September 12] to other scientists for further study. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration will officially announce its findings on the moon rocks at a Washington news conference on Monday. Here are the key things scientists at the Manned Space Centre say they have learned from Apollo-11. There is no evidence that there is life on the moon. Exhaustive tests exposing the lunar material to earthly life forms – plants, fish, mice, birds and accidentally, man himself — produced no evidence of moon pathogens or germs existing in the soil. Nor has the soil been shown to have a toxic effect on earth creatures. Examination of the rocks and dust show the moon to have been molten about the same time as the earth – about three billion years ago. The moon heated up after its formation, as did the earth, and was a globe of molten rock. But while the earth continued to evolve and bring forth life, the moon — after 500 years – in effect died.

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