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From the Archives (October 6, 1921): Swadeshi programme

Chatrapur, October 3: Mahatma Gandhi’s message of Swadeshi and boycott of foreign cloth is being repeated every day all over the country, but no business attempt appears to have been made to meet the country’s demand for Swadeshi cloth. In their craze for home-made cloth people are purchasing any cloth offered for sale as Swadeshi and instances are not rare of merchants whose love of money get better of their patriotism. Thus rougher varieties of foreign cloth and cloth made of foreign yarn of low counts passed muster to an extent not suspected. No amount of speech-making will avail so long as the spinning and weaving industry is not organised. It is time that the Congress workers get into business so as to ensure an adequate supply of genuine Swadeshi cloth. Some time back Mahatma Gandhi estimated that there are in the country more than 20 lakhs of spinning wheels though many of them have been working more or less indifferently. The number of Charkas has since increased and even with slow work we ought not to despair provided we arrange to get all the available home-spun yarn woven and placed on the market without delay.

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