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From the Archives (October 2, 1970): Changes in Catholic worship

Novel practices having a bearing on Indian culture are progressively being adapted in Catholic worship in Bangalore and other parts of the country. The progressive ‘Indianisation’ of Catholic religious practices is said to be in conformity with the new policy blessed by the Vatican Council of adopting the way of worship conforming to the traditional culture of the land. Early this month thousands of people of all communities had gathered at the ancient St. Mary’s Church in Shivajinagar, (Bangalore), for the feast of Our Lady of Health. There was a reverential hush as the Archbishop of Bangalore arrived at the Church. The head of the church garlanded him and an ‘aarti’ was performed. The non-Catholics in the large congregation wore an inquisitive look at the departure from the usual practice in the church. There was nothing amiss and the new style adopted in the feast was said to be another significant step in the adaptation of Roman Catholic worship to the mainstream of Indian culture. Among the new features noticed at the feast were the veneration of the altar by ‘Anjali hasta’ and the offering of sandalwood incense in the Indian style instead of the traditional incense in thuribles.

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