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From the Archives (October 14, 1920): Ireland(From an Editorial)

The problem of Ireland is intensifying to an acute, desperate stage. Sinn Fein, of course, is as busy as ever with its two-fold method of organising republican institutions and of waging a guerilla warfare on the agents of Government. Amazing success still attends its moves and the movement reveals no sign of break-down, hesitancy or perturbation. On the side of Government, however, the trend of events seems to cause a self-blinding panic. Chafing at the uncontrollable triumph of Sinn Fein, and lacking courage to take the only remedy suggested by the logic of the situation, the Government have decided on a policy of reprisals, tooth for tooth, nail for nail. Murders and loots from the Sinn Fein side are answered with loots and murders by the Government police; the insurgents reply with counter-reprisals and provoke Government afresh; and the chain of blooodshed and anarchy thus lengthens out to an unforeseeable end. The Government’s drift into such a policy has already been the subject of severe comment in the Press and by men of weight and wisdom, but Mr. Lloyd George appears to think it all perfectly right. At his Carnarvon speech on the 9th he confessed the police had hit back severely, but claimed justification that their endurance had been taxed too much and too long.

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