A hundred years ago November 25, 1919. Archives

From the Archives (November 25, 1919): The Jallianwala Bagh Incident.

The ‘Independent’ writes: — “I fired and fired well. No other consideration weighed with me” — was the reply of the hero of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre to a question of Lord Hunter’s at Wednesday’s sitting of the Disorders Enquiry Committee. This 20th century Napolean “did not take long to decide as he had already made up his mind,” and “thinking no warning was necessary, opened fire immediately.’’ In fact, “before reaching Jallianwala Bagh he had made up his mind to open fire immediately he got there,” and “he continued to fire until ammunition ran short.’’ This cold-blooded slaughter was visited upon the hapless citizens of Amritsar, because the gallant General “acted under the belief that he was the arm of the law.” “It did not occur to him that he should warn, he merely found that orders were disobeyed and Martial Law defied.” — although Martial Law had not been proclaimed — “so he thought it his duty to fire.” Such was the homicidal maniac to whose tender mercies some thousands of his Majesty’s loyal subjects, with their young children, were exposed — with what results we know.

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