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From the Archives (November 19, 1969): Historic 4-hour moon walk

Two more Americans, Charles Conrad and Alan Bean, strode the moon to-day [November 19] after an astonishing bull’s-eye landing at 12-24 I.S.T., on the dusty Ocean of Storms and set up a lunar scientific station powered by a nuclear generator. They also raised their nation’s flag. The exultant astronauts stepped out of the landing craft Intrepid, after a voyage of more than a quarter million miles and spotted their target – a 1967 Surveyor robot – not more than 180 metres away. They returned to Intrepid after spending nearly four hours walking about the lunar surface in the first of two scheduled excursions outside Intrepid. The 39-year-old Conrad, America’s shortest spaceman, hummed as he worked. “I feel great”, Conrad kept saying. Bean joined him on the moon half an hour later, lowering his visor against the dazzling sunlight and exclaiming with delight at the sight of shining glass beads sparkling on the lunar ground.

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