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From the Archives (November 17, 1971): China is a third world country: Chiao

United Nations, Nov. 16: The leader of China’s delegation to the General Assembly asserted that China was a third world country and would never be a super power “subjecting others to its aggression, control, interference and or bullying.” “China is still an economically backward country as well as a developing country. Like the overwhelming majority of the Asian, African and Latin American countries, China belongs to the third world,” Deputy Foreign Minister Chiao Kuanhua said in his delegation’s first speech before the Assembly yesterday. He said the economic backwardness of Asia, Africa and Latin America could be blamed on “imperialist plunder.” “We are opposed to the power politics and hegemony of big nations bullying small ones or strong nations bullying weak ones,” he said. Mr. Chiao said that “the affairs of the world must be handled by all the countries of the world, and that the affairs of the United Nations must be handled jointly by all its member States, and the super powers should not be allowed to manipulate and monopolise them.” He said that revolution has “become an irresistible trend of history”. He said that China was “still comparatively backward,” which prevented it from giving more material aid to developing countries.

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