fifty years ago May 16, 1969 Archives

From the Archives (May 16, 1969): Nixon offers plan to end Viet Nam war

President Nixon offered last night [May 14, Washington] an 8-point plan to end the war in Viet Nam, and to determine its future political structure. Its basic terms called for mutual withdrawals, according to an agreed time-table, of all foreign forces — U.S. and its Allies, as well as North Viet Namese — and a free voice for all political groups, including the Viet Cong, in deciding the complexion of the country’s post-war Government. An international supervisory body, acceptable to both sides, would verify the withdrawals, arrange the cease-fires and supervise the elections that would be held as soon as possible after the first two events have occurred. Both parties would agree to abide by the Geneva accords of 1954 and 1962 relating to Viet Nam and Cambodia, and Laos respectively. North and South Viet Nam would be free to negotiate reunification. Mr. Nixon’s plan, which is understood to have been in the making for the last three months, was formally presented by the President in a special nationwide telecast.

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