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From the Archives (June 8, 1921): ‘The Bible has lost its hold’

The fact that the Bible has long lost its hold over the peoples of the West is frankly acknowledged by Mr. H.G. Wells. Writing in the Sunday Times on the salvaging of civilisation he says: “It has been the book that has held together the fabric of Western civilisation. It has been the handbook of life to countless millions of men and women. The civilisation we possess could not have come into existence and could not have been sustained without it. It has explained the world to the mass of our people and it has given them moral standards and a form into which their consciences could work. But does it do that to-day? Frankly, I do not think it does. I think that during the last century the Bible has lost much of its former hold. It no longer grips the community.” And according to him it has its lost hold because of those sundering eighteen centuries, because of profound changes in the methods and mechanisms of life, and because of the vast extension of our ideas by the development of science in the last century. In the opinion of Mr. Wells the Bible is not all that the West needs at the present day.

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