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From the Archives (June 4, 1971): Communists over doldrums

New Delhi, June 3: Once again, the Indian Communists are in the doldrums — blowing hot and cold — and unable to react rationally and carry conviction with their hair-splitting arguments and contradictory postures over the Bangla Desh situation. In the initial stages of the struggle, they tried to ride the massive wave of popular support in India and establish some degree of rapport with the activist groups in the Bangla Desh freedom struggle. Both the right and left communists had hoped to dig in their toes firmly in the two Bengals and become the torch-bearers of this new upsurge of Bengali nationalism rising above the rut of Ind-Pak. tensions. But when they failed to make such headway in this ambitious bid to radicalise the Bangla Desh freedom movement, the Indian communists started reassessing their positions to make sure that they did not get too closely identified with the petite bourgeoisie leadership of the Awami League and be engulfed by the nationalist upsurge in the two Bengals which had come closer in the wake of the brutal Pakistani military action. They are now trying to cover up this incapacity to forsee the course of events correctly with a lot of ideological nonsense which is only exposing them to further ridicule.

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