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From the Archives (June 30, 1971): Air and water pollution (From an editorial)

Air and water pollution has reached such critical levels in the advanced countries that their environmental experts have warned that if remedial measures were not taken immediately the world would soon die of a choking cough, if not of a water-borne disease. In this race for self-destruction, Indians do not seem to be lagging far behind, judging from what was revealed at the discussion on environmental pollution held in Madras last week-end. Dr. A. Ramachandran pointed out, for instance, that the Cauvery river has become so contaminated by waste products dumped into it by industrial units that fish in the river have been killed, crops fed by its water have been damaged, many people living on its banks and drinking its water have fallen prey to river-borne diseases and wells on either side of the river upto a distance of 15 kilometres have been affected. This situation should be particularly disturbing to the citizens of Madras who will be getting Cauvery water soon when the Veeranam project is completed.

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