A hundred years ago January 3, 1920. Archives

From the Archives (January 3, 1920): Congress and Conference.(From an Editorial)

Mr. Bonar Law’s big “meeting”, if the Congress of inconsiderables, extremists, and others of that ilk could arrogate to itself that title, has now finished. That the occasion was a momentous one was emphasised by Mr. Bonar Law’s phrase indicative of the apprehension of the Government at home. It is possible that the school of administrators whose official life is one long-drawn thrill of panic, who see rebellion in the brawl and revolution in a hot word, expected the Congress to add fuel to the fire, drive to the verge of exasperation a people who have enjoyed the blessings of five years of O’Dwyerism with the crowning mercy of a short, if satisfying, spell of Dyerism. The event has shown that even the Punjab authorities can gauge a situation approximately and the wise courage of Sir Edward Maclagan in allowing the Congress to be held at the Calvary of the Punjab was amply justified. Chastened Punjab has found its soul. General Dyer with his thousand odd rounds of hall cartridge has done more for Indian nationalism that have two decades of political propaganda. The impartiality with which he shot down men of all creeds and communities has served in the common suffering to make them realise their brother-hood as perhaps never before.

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