fifty years ago December 7, 1971 Archives

From the Archives (December 7, 1971): India recognises Bangla Desh govt.

New Delhi, Dec. 6: The Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, announced in Parliament to-day — amidst an unprecedented display of national solidarity and support for the Government — India’s recognition of Bangla Desh which will give an entirely new complexion to the present Indo-Pakistan war and the deadlocked debate in the Security Council over the current developments in the sub-continent. As expected, the Yahya regime in West Pakistan broke off diplomatic relations with India within hours of its recognition of the new People’s Republic of Bangla Desh, the eighth most populous country in the world ranking next only to China, India, the Soviet Union, the U.S., Indonesia, Brazil and Japan. But the historic step taken by India has dramatically altered the whole political picture by putting the Bangla Desh freedom struggle in better focus and opened the way for a similar recognition of the eight-month old Republic by the Soviet Union and other friendly countries, thereby exploding the legalistic myth still being fostered by the U.S. and China that the Bangla Desh crisis is an internal problem of Pakistan. After announcing India’s recognition, the Prime Minister placed before Parliament the text of a communication received from the Head of the Bangla Desh Government declaring that the basic principles of its State policy would be democracy, socialism and the establishment of an egalitarian society in which there would be no racial or religious discrimination.

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