From the archives - dated July 15, 1965

Sheikh Abdullah brought to Kodaikanal

Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah, who had been interned in Ooty during the last two months, was brought here [Kodaikanal] this evening [July 14], escorted by senior police officers. The Sheikh arrived at the Kohinoor bungalow, three miles from the town, shortly before 8 p.m. He was received by the District Collector, Madurai, Mr. T.N. Seshan, the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Mr. S.M. Diaz, and the Superintendent of Police, Madurai North, Mr. Rashanlal Handa. The bungalow is heavily guarded by armed police and tight security arrangements prevented anybody from getting near the bungalow since this afternoon.

Mariner cameras set to take pictures

A radio signal from earth to-day [July 14] set cameras aboard the Mariner IV spacecraft searching for their historic photography of Mars tonight. The signal, flashed from the jet propulsion laboratory here [Pasadena (California)] via a space tracking station in South Africa, set the spacecraft’s cameras rocking up and down and scanning space. Twenty-four minutes after the signal was sent, an answer flashed back, signalling that Mariner was obeying. The quick response brought high hopes to scientists that Mariner’s mission will be successful and that by to-morrow the world will have the first close-up picture of the mysterious red planet. A new signal was due to be sent to the satellite just after midnight G.M.T. (05-30 I.S.T.) commanding the cameras to start photographing. By then Mariner would be only 7,000 miles above the Martian surface. No one is optimistic enough to believe that the pictures will answer the age-old riddle: Is there life on Mars? But they may give some clue.

Adlai Stevenson dead

Mr. Adlai Stevenson, United States delegate to the United Nations, died in London to-day, the American Embassy announced. Mr. Stevenson had been visiting London for talks with British officials. He saw the Foreign Secretary, Mr. Michael Stewart, this morning. He died in St. George’s Hospital at about 5 p.m. Mr. Stevenson, (65), former Governor of the State of Illinois and twice Presidential candidate of the Democratic party, was a frequent visitor to London and had numerous friends here.

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