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From the Archives (August 25, 1970): India can take it(From an editorial)

Foreign reporters tend to flock to trouble spots all over the world which are in the news. The Government of India seems to have taken strong objection to the British Broadcasting Corporation’s coverage of Calcutta which has been the storm-centre of political strife for some time now. The External Affairs Ministry has gone so far as to ask the B.B.C. correspondent in India to leave the country, because his headquarters Organisation has been showing a series of documentaries of life in Calcutta by the French photographer, Louis Malle. Evidently, what has displeased the officials in New Delhi is that the B.B.C. took no notice of their protests and continued to show a series of Malle films on television which seemed indirectly to justify the rise of naxalite outrages in Calcutta. It is, of course, painful for any nation to have its defects described at great length in foreign papers or foreign films. But it is only in totalitarian countries that unfavourable reports are banned and correspondents expelled at short notice. We should be able to tolerate distortions and indictments since we ourselves engage in criticisms of other countries.

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