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Chasing ideological hares(From an Editorial)


To the spectator of the battle now raging between two sections of the Congress leadership, the most confusing aspect of the conflict is the controversy over programmes and policies which is supposed to lie at the root of the problem. The Prime Minister’s group alleges that the Syndicate leaders have dragged their feet on the ten-point programme which was recommended as far back as 1967. That programme called for the social control of banks, the nationalisation of general insurance, the curbing of urban landholding, the abolition of privy purses and princely privileges, the removal of monopolies, state trading in foodgrains and foreign trade. Even at that time, it was pointed out that while the Working Committee and the All India Congress Committee had the right to formulate the programme it was entirely up to the governmental wing of the party to decide how and when the programme was to be implemented. It may be noted that the three originators of the programme were Mr. Kamaraj, Mr. Nanda and Mr. K.D. Malaviya and that while Mr. Morarji Desai opposed the outright nationalisation of banks, other members of the Syndicate like Mr. Kamaraj arid Mr. Atulya Ghosh took the more radical stand. Some of these leaders were therefore taken by surprise at the Bangalore session of the Working Committee this year when the Prime Minister accused them of conservatism and followed it up by nationalising 14 banks by Ordinance.

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