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Cairo and the Guerillas

It is not surprising that the Palestinian guerilla organisations based in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon have rejected the American cease-fire plan and sharply increased their raids on Israel. Even if Israel were to give up all the gains of the 1967 war, the “Palestine problem” would not be solved since the minimum demand of the guerillas is a unitary State of Palestine, incorporating Israel, in which Jews, Christians and Muslims would have equal rights and the exiled Palestinians would reclaim their original homes and lands. All the guerilla organisations taken together cannot, however, muster more than 20,000 armed men and even with the support of the Arab governments, they can do no more than launch hit-and-run attacks on the Israelis. They may cite the example of Vietnam, but Arab guerillas do not flourish inside occupied territory like the Viet Cong. The Israelis know all about anti-guerilla warfare having once engaged in guerilla war themselves. The refusal of the Palestinian commandos to accept the ceasefire has brought them into conflict with the United Arab Republic which has banned the operation of two of their radio stations.

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