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Punjab conference.

The fifth Punjab Provincial Conference met to-day [Oct. 25] at the Bradlaugh Hall, Lahore, at midday. The hall was tastefully decorated with shamianas, buntings and pictures while overlooking the dais were hung up portraits of His Imperial Majesty the King Emperor and His Gracious consort, of Mr. Gokhale, Sardar Dial Singh Majithia, Sir Syed Ahmed and other patriots. Upon the dais sat the members of the Reception Committee and several Indian ladies, including some ladies of Tyabji family of Bombay and from Allahabad, while below the dais in the body of the hall sat delegates from almost every district of the province, the gallery being occupied by visitors.

The proceedings began with the singing of original ‘Binde Mataram’ song by a chorus led by Sarala Devi Chaudhrani, the entire audience standing while the song was sung. Mr. Harikishen Lal, Chairman of the Reception Committee, in a long address, welcoming the delegates referred to the strenuous times the country was passing, indeed when almost the whole world was in melting pot. Referring to Sir Michael O’Dwyer’s speech in the Imperial Legislative Council the Chairman assured His Honour that the Punjab would never lag behind in being in forefront of the battle as she has been during the last three years and in this connection he gave a word of admonition to some young men who had been scrutinized about pay and prospects of soldiers’ life, saying that cool calculations and thoughts of future were not a Kshatriya’s Dharma. Referring to the objection that Swaraj was also watchword of revolutionaries is disclosed in conspiracy trials, the speaker said that the methods of the Congress had been legal, constitutional and open, and there could be no mistaking the motive of the Congress and for these Congress leaders to be mistaken for revolutionaries would mean that ``there was something rotten in the State of Denmark”.

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