Melbourne: Mohammed Haneef, who won the right to return to Australia after a court quashed the government’s decision to cancel his work visa, could be re-registered to work in Queensland as early as next month.

Queensland Health Minister Stephen Robertson, whose department sponsored Dr. Haneef to work at the Gold Coast Hospital, said he would be happy to have the Indian-born doctor back.

Dr. Haneef was absolved of terror charges, after spending 25 days in detention in connection with the failed U.K. car bomb plot last month.


Dr. Haneef’s lawyers, meanwhile, released the full transcript of a previously secret second interview with the Australian Federal Police. His solicitor Peter Russo said the full transcript was being made public at Dr. Haneef’s request to counter the selective release of information by Australian authorities.

Mr. Robertson said: “We’ve made it clear that we are prepared to accept Dr. Haneef back if that is the outcome of the extraordinary processes that he’s been put through by an increasingly incompetent Federal Minister.”

Mr. Robertson was quoted by The Australian on Wednesday as saying that he understood Dr. Haneef could be re-registered in September. However, “that would be a matter for the medical board to determine,” he said.

Selective release

Mr. Russo was quoted in the media as saying “He [Dr. Haneef] wants all the matters raised with him by Federal Police and his answers to those questions put into the public arena, because of the continuing attempts being made to slander his name by innuendo and selective release of information by government and Federal Police spokespeople.”

“The police translation of the chat room conversation between Haneef and his brother appears at the very end of the interview when Haneef and the police officers were all obviously fatigued,” he said.

“It should be noted that Haneef’s attempts to correct the translation of the chat room conversation had been brushed aside by the police questioners with a promise that those corrections could be made at the end,” he said.

“Police say the chat room conversation began at 4.13 p.m. on Monday, 2 July 2007. By that time Haneef had spoken to Cathy Bosworth at the hospital and arranged leave, spoken to his father-in-law to have him buy a ticket to Bangalore, and received telephone advice from his father that the tickets were ordered and would be emailed to him,” he added.

“The last item occurred about 4.00 p.m. This can be seen from question and answer 849 in the first interview,” Mr. Russo said.

Bid to call police

“Haneef had attempted to ring London detective Tony Webster who, he had been advised by the mother of Sabeel [brother of Kafeel Ahmed who drove a blazing vehicle into the Glasgow airport in a botched suicide terror attack], wanted to ask him some questions about his SIM card, three times, before the chat room conversation and tried to do so again after or during the chat room conversation at 4.32 p.m. on July 2,” Mr. Russo added.— PTI

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