The watch-like device will email details of her location and audio-video clips to family members

It’s not known if Q’s Bond watches spawned real-life gadgets, but the Anil Kapoor-Sridevi blockbuster Mr. India has inspired a watch-like device — that can be used to ensure women’s safety.

The device will alert the user’s family members about her location and also email audio and video clips of the distress she may be going through.

While in the Shekhar Kapoor-directed movie, protagonist Anil Kapoor stumbles upon a device that makes him disappear, the GPS-enabled ‘electronic personal safety device’ (ePSD), the project undertaken by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), would come with a host of tamper-proof features that a criminal would not be able to deactivate or tamper with.

“The project aims at the development of an affordable personal security device which could be in the form of a wrist watch that works on a standard operating system with inbuilt software applications to alert family, friends and police along with the GPS location of the victim,” says the concept note of the project.

Further elaborating on the functions and nature of the project safety device, the note says: “ The victim can send SOS in distress condition along with the live GPS tracking data to family members.”

The USP of the ePSD would be that the device would allow the user to activate an alert system with four different kinds of triggers, helping them in different scenarios.

For the project — “Design and development of an affordable electronic personal safety device” — a project review and steering group (PRSG) comprising domain experts drawn from leading technical and R&D institutes has already been set up.

“The project was conceptualised as there is no such safety device or a product available in the market that could give people, particularly working women and girl students, a true sense of confidence in times of emergency,” a senior official who is engaged with the project told The Hindu .