For thousands of voters in this constituency, which is witnessing an interesting five-cornered contest this time, the fun of participation in the elections has been robbed by the fact that their names do not figure in the voters’ list despite their having even got the details updated at the time of the Special Camp conducted on March 9.

“We were so enthusiastic about voting in these elections, but can do nothing now as our names do not figure on the electoral roll,” said Aradhna B, a resident of Indirapuram, adding that none of the three adult members of her family finds their names on the list. “It is both surprising and sad that our names are not there despite our having voted in the municipal elections to the State last year.”

Another resident, Ms Sarita, who had voted in the two previous Lok Sabha elections, complained that this time her name too was missing from the electoral rolls. “This is ridiculous? How can our names just disappear from the electoral rolls like this when we have been residing here for the past 13 years now,” she wondered aloud.

On the other hand, a large number of area residents, whose votes are there, have rescheduled their travel plans to cast their votes. IT professional G. Mathur, who resides in Indirapuram, would be flying down from Bangalore on the eve of the elections to exercise his franchise.

Similarly, Pankaj Agarwal, a resident of Shipra Sun City, who late last year moved to Faridabad, has drawn up plans to return to his home in Ghaziabad to be able to vote. “I would be returning to my old house a day before the elections so that I am able to cast my vote.”

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