Though the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) has given load shedding schedule for four hours a day, the city experienced unscheduled power cuts on Thursday and Friday.

An official of Tangedco told The Hindu that load shedding in the district, including city, rural and urban areas, was for about five hours on Thursday. Thermal power generation had dropped in a couple of power plants in the State on Thursday. Wind energy generation had gone up to 500 MW during the last few weeks and it had also dropped to about 50 MW now. These had resulted in unscheduled power cuts. The problems at the thermal stations would be set right and the situation was expected to improve from Friday evening.

One of the micro unit owners here said that demand was to revive for the industries in the district. They faced nearly 50 per cent drop in orders for the last few months. “There are hardly any orders or revival of demand,” the unit owner said.

Large-scale industries that purchased components and accessories from the smaller and micro units were losing confidence as these units were unable to meet the delivery schedules. Though there was a relief from power cuts for the last four months, it increased again on Thursday and on Friday morning.

There is no power for five to six hours a day.

The power situation has hit the industries in the region, the unit owner said.

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