Two persons sustained bullet injuries when a person opened fire on the court premises at Nandyal in Kurnool district on Saturday. A few people sustained injuries in the melee preceding the fire.

Dowry harassment

According to reports, the families of Maheswar Reddy of Kurnool and Maddileti Reddy of Allagadda attended court hearing in a dowry harassment case. The court proceedings were shifted from Allagadda to Nandyal on the plea of one of the parties who feared a clash.

Mahender Reddy, an orthopaedic doctor in Kurnool and son of Maheswar Reddy, was married to the daughter of Maddileti Reddy some time back. On account of disharmony in the marriage, a case was registered at Allagadda by the bride’s family alleging dowry harassment.

The two groups clashed at the court which led to firing by Maheswar Reddy. Two persons identified as Ranganayakulu and Suresh were injured in the firing. Ranganayakulu was the driver of the bride’s family while Suresh was an onlooker who was present on the court premises in connection with another case.

The police took into custody both groups and shifted the injured to the hospital.

The police took into custody both the concerned groups, shifted the injured to the hospital