After lying low for sometime, the ‘Pradhana Archakas' (temple priests) of the Tirumala temple have once again kicked up a row over the alleged “unilateral decisions” of the TTD management. In a statement released to the press, they accused the management of trying to create a rift between the Pradhana Archakas by allegedly playing one against the other.

As for the alleged unilateral decision, the statement cited the management conducting ‘Vedahavanam' in the Vasantha Mandapam constructed on the south-west corner outside the temple, despite repeated protests from the Pradhana Archaka, A.V. Ramana Deekshithulu, on the ground that it violated the Vaikhanasa Agama, and as such would not augur well for the temple and the devotees.

The statement charged that in order to brush aside the objections and go ahead with the ritual, the TTD authorities managed to secure clearance for the same from some “pliable persons” who, it alleged, were not authorities on the subject. The statement regretted that though there existed an Agama Advisory Committee, the management never took its advice. The TTD authorities were urged to pay heed to the advice given by the Agama panel and the Pradhana Archaka.

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