L. Renganathan

KARUR: Motorists traversing the Karur-Coimbatore section of the National Highway 67 are all set for an exhilarating experience with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) developing the stretch into a two-lane paved shoulder carriageway with all the traffic assistance facilities. The stretch will be declared open officially very shortly, as all the major works have been completed.

Traffic has been going on even as the road development work commenced three years back and has remained unhindered since then. The Karur-Coimbatore section has been developed at an estimated cost of Rs. 275 crore. The original estimate was Rs. 252 crore after the project commenced in August 2008.

The road that was just a two-lane one has been converted into a hard shouldered two-lane carriageway as it would be too cost prohibitive for converting the stretch into four-lane considering the land acquisition difficulties.

The 114.4 km stretch is now sporting a brand new look refurbished with traffic signals, road margins, delineator, lane indicators, vehicular underpass, bridges and bus lay bays. There are plan provisions for bypass stretches. The proposals have been forwarded and have received favourable responses.

“The aim is to ease the burden of motorists and passengers who travel the important section of the NH 67 that is the lifeline connecting eastern parts of the State with Kerala and where the traffic volume is pretty high and intense,” points out the NHAI Project Director M. Thangamani.

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