At loggerheads with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), West Indian opener Chris Gayle on Thursday asked the board to “state clearly” what it wants him to apologise for.

The WICB had said the batsman would be considered for selection in the national team only if he retracted his statements about the board and its officials.

“They need to come clear and say what Chris Gayle should apologise for, and what should Chris Gayle retract, what are the terms, really and truly,” Gayle said.

“So they need to make it clear, rather than stating just one particular thing and leaving the public to speculate again, and just make this one big issue which I'm tired of, so they need to just cut it out now.”

Gayle believed the WICB was “playing mind games” and that he would address their demands at the end of the Regional Super50 in Guyana, where he is leading Jamaica's campaign.

“I received a message about the apology at a team meeting the day before we (Jamaica) had to play the Leewards Islands here (last Thursday) in the middle of a regional tournament.

“I think they (WICB) are playing mind games with Chris Gayle. I have told them that I want to focus on winning this tournament for Jamaica and I will deal with the apology issue at the end of this competition.

“I don't think the board wants to solve this issue. This needs to be closed as soon as possible and they need to be clear on what I should apologise for. State what in the interview I need to retract or apologise for,” he was quoted as saying by the Caribbean Media Corporation. — PTI

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