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Vung Tau (Vietnam): Vidit Gujrathi, Padmini Rout and B. Adhiban became sole leaders in their sections at the end of the seventh round of the World Youth chess championships. Four more rounds remain.

Seven-year-old Bansi Pratima shocked run-away leader Gunay Mammadzava of Azerbaijan in the under-8 girls’ section to join her in the lead.

And Sayantan Das shared the second place with Vietnam’s Le Tuan Minhin the under-12 section behind Yang Darwin of USA.

Clever defence

Bansi Pratima sacrificed a pawn on the 11th move against Mammadzava for an attack. The Azeri player declined it and took the initiative. But Bansi, playing with great determination, cleverly defended and turned the tables on her opponent with a beautiful queen sacrifice.

Padmini Rout made a standard knight sacrifice in the Sicilian Defence on the d5 square against the uncastled king of Philippines’ Cheradee Camacho. The black king was stranded in the centre and pinned down by the superior white forces. With mate staring her in the face, Camacho resigned on the 35thmove.

Padmini is in sole lead in the u-14 girls. Half a point behind her is J. Mohana Priya.

Determined victory

B. Adhiban took sole lead in the prestigious under-16 section with a determined victory with the black pieces over Russia’s Andrei Gritsenko. Debashis Das drew against Russia’s Aleksandr Shimanov.

The top two boards featured two Indians against two Russians. The Indians won this ‘match’ 1.5-0.5. Debashis Das is heading for an IM norm.

Indians with 4.5 points or more: M. Sabhareesh, Mitrabha Guha, S. Mahapatra, Shiven Khosla, Prince Bajaj, Shardul Gagare, N. Srinath, Ankit Rajpara, Debashis Das, S.P. Sethuraman, M. Shyam Sundar, K. Priyadarshan, P. Karthikeyan, Ashwin Jayaram, N.G. Sneha, Sunyasaktha Satpathy, M. Mahalakshmi, G.K. Monnisha, Ivana Furtado, Sonakshi Rathore, B. Pratyusha, P.V. Nadhidhaa, J. Mohana Priya, Teenu Thomas, Shalmali Gagare, A. Niji, Pon Krithika, Bhakthi Kulkarni and R. Preethi.

Important results (Round 7): Boys: Under-8: Liao Yu Hao (CHN) 5.5 lost to Liu Xiangyi (CHN) 6.5; Olamaei Alireza (IRI) 6 bt M. Sabhareesh 4.5; Under-10: Diptayan Ghosh 5.5 lost to Mousavi Seyed Khalil (IRI) 6; Under-12: Yang Darwin (USA) 5.5 lost to Antipov Mikhal (RUS) 6. Under-14: Andrey Stukopin (RUS) 5.5 drew Vidit Gujrathi 6; N. Srinath 5.5 bt Ivan Bukavshin (RUS) 4.5; Under-16: A. Grisenko (RUS) 5 lost to B. Adhiban 6; Debashis Das 5.5 drew Alex Shimanov (RUS) 5; S.P. Sethuraman 5.5 bt M. Shyam Sundar 4.5; K. Priyadarshan 5.5 bt Yilmaz Mustafa (TUR) 4.5; Under-18: Chirila Loan Cristian (ROM) 5.5 bt P. Karthikeyan 4.5.

Girls: Under-8: Bansi Pratima 6 bt Gunay Mammadzada (AZE) 6; Under-10: Goryachkeva (RUS) 6 bt Li Zhuoling (CHN) 6; Under-12: Saduakassova (KAZ) 5.5 lost to Zhai Mo (CHN) 6; B. Pratyusha 5.5 bt Nie Xin (CHN) 4.5; Under-14: Padmini Rout 6.5 bt Cheradee Camacho (PHI) 5; J. Mohana Priya 6 bt D.Simigullina (RUS) 5.

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