The 200m backstroke event saw two new State records, with T. Sethu Manickavel (boys’ group I) and Nivya Rajan (girls’ group II) setting marks on the first day of the Tamil Nadu State swimming meet here.

The results (winners): Boys: Open: 400m freestyle: G. Parthiban (TNP MDU) 6:51:62s; 200m IM: R. Bharathidasan (TNP MDU) 3:18:95s; 100m backstroke: K. Rajkumar (TSPA) 1:12:27s; 4x100m freestyle relay: SDAT Shakti 4:33:65s; 200m backstroke: K. Rajkumar (TSPA) 2:36:75s; 100m freestyle: Jaywant Vijayakumar (Turtles) 0:56:12s.

Group I: 400m freestyle: J.T. Yugesh Kumar (Turtles) 4:30:21s; 200m IM: T. Sethu Manickavel (TDSA Tirunelveli) 2:16:87s; 100m backstroke: T. Sethu Manickavel 1:03:14s (NMR); 4x100m freestyle relay: Turtles 4:01:50s; 200m backstroke: T. Sethu Manickavel 2:16:16s (NSR, prev. R. Vishak 2:16:82s, 2012); 100m freestyle: S.V. Arun Thaneermalai (Turtles) 0:56:85s.

Group II: 400m freestyle: Andrew Rajan (TSPA) 4:53:33s; 200m IM: C. Ruban Kumar (Turtles) 2:28:12s; 100m backstroke: P. Mukundan (SDAT Shakthi) 1:10:72s; 4x100m freestyle relay: Turtles 4:22:45s; 200m backstroke: P. Mukundan 2:32:73s, 100m freestyle: P. Mukundan 0:59:59s.

Group III: 200m freestyle: S. Abhishek (Turtles) 2:21:63s; 200m IM: S. Danush (TSPA) 2:39:37s; 4x50m freestyle relay: Turtles 2:04:87s; 100m backstroke: V.S. Gokulnath (SDAT Dolphin) 1:16:78s.

Group IV: 100m freestyle: D. Adhithya (TSPA) 1:11:51s; 4x50m freestyle relay: TDSA Tirunelveli 2:18:71s; 200m IM: D. Adhithya 2:52:92s.

Girls: Open: 200m backstroke:  S. Suganya (SDAT Nagai) 4:42.56s; 100m freestyle: A. Gulnaz Rawoof (ORCA) 1:06.17s; 400m freestyle: A. Gulnaz Rawoof 5:16.31s; 200m IM: M. Raghavi (Turtles) 2:51.42s.

Group I: 200m backstroke: S. Vilasini (Turtles) 02:43.65s; 100m freestyle: Anusha Mehta (ORCA) 01:02.44s; 400m freestyle: Anusha Mehta 4:47.06s; 200m IM: V.K.R. Meenakshi (Turtles) 2:35.54s; 100m backstroke: Anusha Mehta 1:14.19s.

Group II: 200m backstroke: Nivya Raja (ORCA) 2:35.17s (New SR, prev Nivya Raja 2:39.15s, 2012); 100m freestyle: A.V. Jayaveena (Turtles) 1:03.20s; 400m freestyle: Nivya Raja 4:56.83s; 200m IM: A.V. Jayaveena 2:35.04s; 100m backstoke: Sherlyn Devadason (ORCA) 01:10.70s.

Group III: 100m backstroke: P.M. Abishiktha (ORCA) 1:18.32s; 400m freestyle: P.M. Abishiktha 2:25.37s; 200m IM: S. Umadevi (TSPA) 2:47.89s.

Group IV: 200m IM: Jaahnavi (ORCA) 3:00.89s; 100m freestyle: S.M. Swetha (Chen Corp) 1:13.82s.

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