AGRA: It is a well known fact that intensity in practice brings about desired levels of success in matches, but Dr. Vece Paes stressed the need to keep the biological clock tuned by striking a symmetry in both practice sessions and match situations in his presentation in the fifth National tennis coaches workshop that concluded here on Saturday.

The man who chalked his son Leander Paes’ career, Dr. Paes said it was not correct to have different timings for practice, to those at which the matches are generally played.

It was pointed out that the practice sessions generally start early in the morning around 5’o clock, whereas matches are played from 9 a.m. or so. In short, it was highlighted that the players should be training through the day, so that their biological clock gets tuned to a “bio rhythm” that would enhance performance.

The seasoned Davis Cup coach, Akhtar Ali spoke about his journey as a coach for over 40 years, and expressed his happiness about the eagerness shown by the young coaches to gather knowledge.

Davis Cup coach Nandan Bal talked about the psychological aspects of tennis and what the players go through during match situations.

One of the key member of the coaches educational programme in the country, Sunil Yajaman talked about what the Indian coaches need to focus while trying to develop the career of a child who comes to them when he or she is five or six years of age.

The author of three books, Total tennis training, Winning tennis and Youth tennis, Chuck Kriese of the Clemson University, US, made a presentation on court about maintaining a symmetry between ball striking and movement in today’s high speed game.

Ted Murray, the first foreign coach of the Britannia Amritraj Tennis (BAT) programme, who has taught tennis in over 40 countries in the last 35 years, explained how tennis could be used to work on heart, with a presentation on cardio tennis.

Play and stay

Coach Kawaljeet Singh talked at length about the ITF programme of Play and stay in tennis, a three day course for coaches with soft ball etc. where the kids enjoy the game initially and stick with it.

Hemant Bendra talked on fitness tests the coaches could incorporate in their daily programme.

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