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BANGALORE: Three meet records were set on the second day of the State short course swimming championship at the PET Pool in Mandya on Monday.

K.S. Prajwal set the lone mark in the boys’ section when he won the 50m freestyle in 25.64 seconds, bettering the 2004 mark of 26.23s, set by N.A. Sandeep.

T. Sneha improved her own mark of 28.47s, set last year at Mysore, by clocking 27.78s in the 50m freestyle.

Damini K. Gowda, who dominated the Group IV section, won the 25m freestyle with a new meet mark of 14.10s, which put to shade the eight-year-old record of Shubha Chittaranjan (14.17s). Damini also won the 50m freestyle and 50m breaststroke events.

The results (winners only):


Group I: 200m freestyle: Akshay Krishna (KCR), 2:02.03s; 200m backstroke: Siddharth Mahendra (BAC), 2:24.79; 50m butterfly: B.H. Deepak (PET), 28.91; 200m butterfly: Pramodh (MEG), 2:32.40; 50m breaststroke: Akash Rohit (KCR), 32.22; 100m backstroke: Siddharth Mahindra, 1:06.40.

Group II: 400m ind. med: M.D. Srinivas (BAC), 5:16.30; 100m breaststroke: Rithesh Suryavamshi (BAC), 1:15.27; 200m butterfly: S.V. Sumukh (BAC), 2:32.23; 50m freestyle: K.S. Prajwal (BAC), 25.64 NMR, Old: 26.23, N.A. Sandeep (BAC), 2004; 400m freestyle: A. Ajay (BAC), 4:24.97; 50m backstroke: B. Pranam (BAC), 31.19; 200m ind. med: R. Shashank Umbrey (BAC), 2:37.67. Group III: 200m freestyle: Md. Yakub Salim (PMSC), 2:24.47; 200m ind. med: R. Vishak (BAC), 2:39.53; 50m freestyle: R. Vishakh, 30.27; 100m breaststroke: S.P. Likith (BAC), 1:19.65; 4x25m med. relay: BAC `A’, 1:03.33. Group IV: 50m breaststroke: Roshan Uday (SEB), 43.91; 50m freestyle: R. Sanjeev (PMSC), 32.53; 25m freestyle: R. Sanjeev, 14.41.


Group I: 200m freestyle: Shilpa (SJHS), 3:01.27; 50m butterfly: Samskrithi (PMSC), 34.41; 50m breaststroke: M. Menaka (SJIHS), 43.46; 100m backstroke: Samskrithi, 1:18.41. Group II: 400m ind. med: Bhoomi R. Motwani (BAC), 5:35.55; 100m breaststroke: Bhoomi Motwani, 1:21.81; 200m butterfly: A. Tanya (PMSC), 2:41.91; 50m freestyle: T. Sneha (BAC), 27.78 NMR, Old: 28.47, own, 2008; 400m freestyle: Pratima Kollali (KCR), 4:50.89; 50m backstroke: Meghana Srivatsa (BAC), 34.61; 200m ind. med: Bhoomi Motwani, 2:35.10.

Group III: 200m freestyle: N.B. Ashritha (PMSC), 2:22.23; 200m ind. med: K. Harishree Rai (KCR), 2:49.51; 50m freestyle: V. Malavika (BAC), 30.21; 100m breaststroke: Charu Hamsini (BAC), 1:25.67; 4x25m med. relay: BAC ‘A’, 1:07.81. Group IV: 50m breast stroke: Damini K. Gowda (BAC), 41.91; 50m freestyle: Damini, 30.81; 25m freestyle: Damini, 14.10 NMR, Old: 14.17, Shubha Chittaranjan (PMSC), 2000.

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