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London: Paul Collingwood had his reasons to feel miffed.

Debutant umpire Peter Hartley, standing at square-leg, had initially failed to refer the decision to the third umpire after substitute fielder Dinesh Karthik, from short extra cover, had whipped the ball to wicketkeeper M.S. Dhoni, who removed the bails.

The incident occurred in the middle of the 18th over after Kevin Pietersen stroked on the off-side and then set off for what was a risky single. The unselfish Collingwood responded, but was edged out by the Karthik-Dhoni combine at the striker’s end.

Mix up

The Indians appealed. Hartley ran in to fix the bails. In other words, he had negated the appeal. Within seconds, the giant screen flashed a replay of the incident. The Indian players watched this, so did Hartley. The Indians appealed again.

By now, the umpire had realised his mistake. He quickly referred the decision to the third umpire, Ian Gould. Soon, the verdict was announced – OUT.

Lloyd’s take

Former England opener and coach David Lloyd, a qualified umpire, told The Hindu, “Effectively, he (Collingwood) was run out by the big screen! But the rules clearly say that the umpire can change his decision before the bowler sets off for the next delivery. So the umpire in question was well within his rights.”

Losing his cool

Collingwood, normally calm and collected, appeared to lose his cool for once, arguing his case with Hartley. He was a disgruntled man as he returned to the pavilion.

Technology had the final say. As someone said, “This is the age of instant replay.”

Importantly, the right decision was made.

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