A technically superior Dhanraj defeated Ranjit Naik to win the junior light heavyweight division in the State boxing championship here on Sunday.

While Naik threw wild punches in a fit of rage, Dhanraj countered them well by moving around the ring. After a heated opening exchange, Dhanraj landed a series of pinpoint left hooks to leave Naik reeling.

A standing count in the second round proved costly for Naik as well, and Dhanraj eventually won comfortably on points. The senior lightweight final was a delight to watch. MEG’s Shanmugam impressed with his fancy footwork and quick evasive manoeuvres. He was, however, unlucky to go down to Vincent Paul on points.

The organisers, meanwhile, stated that Sanjay Gawade — who was injured during a bout on Saturday — has recovered well. Gawade, who fell unconscious after a knockout blow, is expected to be discharged from hospital on Monday.

The results (all finals, winners only): Sub-juniors: 2001 E3: Ezekiel Rao, 2000 D5: Ponnanna, 1999 C9: Shiva Kumar, 1999 C12: K. Vinay, 1999 C10: M. Tanwar, 1998 B9: Inbungobi, 1998 B7: Somaiah, 1998 B14: Monu, 1998 B12: Anwar, 1998 B5: Karthik, 1997 A11: Devavarma, 1997 A14: Jorrower Singh, 1997 A19: Sahil, 1997 A21: Ziyad.

Juniors: Light flyweight: Prasad, Flyweight: Ramanna, Bantamweight: Karthik, Lightweight: Angad, Light welterweight: G. Eshwar, Welterweight: O.M. Kumaradas, Light heavyweight: Dhanraj.

Seniors: Light flyweight: Madialagan, Flyweight: Govindarao, Bantamweight: Herojith Singh, Light welterweight: Moorthy, Lightweight: Vincent Paul, Welterweight: Romeo, Middleweight: Karthik, Light heavyweight: Sanjeev Kumar, Heavyweight: Naveen Pujari, Super heavyweight: Ramki. — Sports Reporter

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