St. Joseph’s Sports Academy wrests overall championship

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WINNING EFFORT: S. Sathya (jersey no: 101) of Indian Bank crosses the finish line on his way to winning the 100m gold.
WINNING EFFORT: S. Sathya (jersey no: 101) of Indian Bank crosses the finish line on his way to winning the 100m gold.

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Coimbatore: St. Joseph’s Sports Academy (Chennai), with a final tally of 302 points, clinched the overall championship for men and women in the TCE 82nd State senior athletics championship at the Nehru Stadium here on Sunday.

Pudukottai’s L. Surya, who shattered the 5000m mark on Saturday, came up with yet another stunner in the women’s 10,000m. The lean and hungry looking 18-year-old, a product of the Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu, left the backmarkers way behind for the long distance gold and with it erased the existing mark of 39:54.5s set by Gunavathi in Bangalore in 1995.

P. Sahadevan of St. Joseph’s and Saratha Narayanan of Southern Railway were declared the best athletes of the meet.

The results:

Men: 100m: 1. S. Sathya (IB) 10.6s; 2. Manikanda Raj (Kannaiah); 3. H.K. Maruti (St. Joseph’s). 200m: 1. Sathya 21.3s; 2. Manikanda; 3. J. Premanand (USF). 400m: 1. Premanand 48.6s; 2. D. Deepak Rathina (USF); 3. S.N. Prasath (SDAT). 800m: 1. S. Dharma (St. Joseph’s) 1:58.4s; 2. Karupannan (S. Rly); 3. Veeranan (St. Joseph’s). 5,000m: 1. B. Ezhil Nilavan (USF) 15:19.2s; 2. P. Gopi (St. Joseph’s); 3. G. Lakshmanan (SDAT, Chennai). 110m hurdles: 1. P. Muthusamy (S. Rly) 14.5s; 2. S. Sridharan (SDAT); 3. M. Krish Beethovan (KAC). 400m hurdles: 1. M. Senthil Kumar (St. Joseph’s) 55.0s; 2. A. Yogesh (Kannaiah); 3. Binu Aquto (St. Joseph’s). Long jump: 1. B. Baskar (St. Joseph’s) 7.49m; 2. Amalanathan (Kannaiah); 3. R.K. Bizil (SDAT). Triple jump: 1. Baskar 15.26m; 2. S. Mohan Kumar (St. Joseph’s); 3. R. Manikandan (St. Joseph’s). High jump: 1. Benedict Starley (S.Rly) 2.13m; 2. C. Nikhil Chittarasu (SDAT); 3. Krish Beethovan. Pole vault: 1. Vadivelu (S.Rly) 4.40m; 2. K. Rajesh (SDAT); 3. J. Preeth (SDAT). Shot put: 1. Santhosh Kumar (St. Joseph’s) 15.63m; 2. A. Gowtham (IB); 3. P. Chidambara Nathan (St. Joseph’s). Hammer throw: 1. K. Satheeshwaran (S.Rly) 51.07m; 2. N. Shankar (U/A); 3. E.R. Karthik (St. Joseph’s). Best athlete: P. Sahadevan (St. Joseph’s).

Women: 100m: 1. Saratha Narayanan (S.Rly) 11.9s; 2. S. Radhika (USF); 3. P. Malani (USF). 200m: 1. P. Malini (USF) 25.9s; 2. Jennifer E. Belinda (Royal AC); 3. K. Yogalakashmi (St. Joseph’s). 400m: 1. T. Renuka (St. Joseph’s) 57.2s; 2. Prathiba (S. Rly); 3. Jennifer E. Belinda (Royal AC). 800m: 1. Mohanal (S. Rly) 2:19.2s; 2. M. Selvi (St. Joseph’s); 3. Padmavathy (St. Joseph’s). 10,000m: 1. L. Surya (SDAT, Chennai) 38:34.1s (NMR); 2. S. Renuka (SDAT, Chennai) 39:11.8s (BMR); 3. P. Rani (St. Joseph’s) 39:12.7s (BMR). 100m hurdles: 1. G. Gayathry (St. Joseph’s) 14.3s; 2. Sankari (S.Rly); 3. V. Hani (Kannaiah). 400m hurdles: 1. Pradeepa (S.Rly) 1:01.8s; 2. R. Ramya (Kannaiah); 3. Renuka (St. Joseph’s). Triple jump: 1. G. Gayathry (St. Joseph’s) 13.10m; 2. M. Mary Meyers (St. Joseph’s); 3. P. Petchiammal (St. Joseph’s). High jump: 1. P. Divya Priya (Royal AC) 1.73m; 2. P. Shenbaga Priya (SDAT, Chennai); 3. P. Petchiammal (St. Joseph’s). Pole vault: 1. S. Saranya (U/A) 3.00m; 2. E. Rajeshwari (TN Police); 3. Sajitha Jacob (St. Joseph’s). Discus: 1. E. Hema Priya (St. Joseph’s) 37.20m; 2. G. Gokila (St. Joseph’s); 3. A. Sindhuja (St. Joseph’s). Hammer throw: 1. R. Muthu Selvi (St. Joseph’s) 41.27m; 2. V. Ishwarya (U/A); 3. Hema Priya (St. Joseph’s). Heptathlon: 1. N. Gayathri (SDAT) 3548 pts; 2. R. Santhana Bharathi (St. Joseph’s); 3. D. Anitha Shree (St. Joseph’s). Best athlete: Saratha Narayanan (S.Rly).

Overall championship:

1. St. Joseph’s SA 302 pts; 2. SDAT (Chennai) 132; 3. S. Rly 112.

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