SN College (Punalur) and SN College for women (Kollam) won the men's and university titles in the Kerala University inter-collegiate athletic meet which concluded at the University stadium on Friday.

SN College, Punalur came first with six gold medals in the men's section followed by SN College Chempazhanthy and University College, Thiruvananthapuram.

In the women's section, SN College for women took the first place with seven gold medals.

LNCPE came second with four gold medals while Mar Ivanios was third with three gold medals.

The final day saw two meet records being rewritten. V.Vishnu of SNC Punalur broke Rakesh Paul Pereira's 15-year-old mark in men's 400m race. Vishnu clocked 47.5 seconds to erase Rakesh's mark which stood at 48.3 seconds.

The second record of the day was set by Sini Alex in women's 100m and became the fastest athlete of the meet.

Sini cracked 12.1seconds to break the old mark of 12.2s which was set by P.K.Priya in 2007.

Both V.Vishnu and Sini Alex were chosen as the best athletes of the meet in men's and women's section respectively.

The results: Men: 100m: 1. 1. Nitheesh Antony (University College) (10.8m), 2. M.Ratheesh (FMNC, Klm), 3. P.K.Karthikan (SNC, Chempazanthy); 400m: 1. V.Vishnu (SNC, Punalur), 2. R.Sachin (FMNC, Klm), 3. Binu Baby (Govt.Arts College, Tvm), (47.5 – NMR; OR- 48.3s, Rakesh Paul Pereira, 1996); 800m: 1. Nibin M.Babu (SNC Punalur), (1:54.1s), 2. Nithin Chandran (Mar Ivanios College), 3. P.V.Aneesh (SNC, Chempazanthy); 110m hurdles: 1. V.S.Nikhil (SNC Punalur), (16.Os), 2. P.Lijesh Kumar (LNCPE), 3. Jithin Sajeev (SNC, Punalur); High Jump: 1. Abin K.Noble (SNC, Chempazanthy), 2. S.B.Vishnu (ST.Michael's College, Cherthala), 3. S.Adarsh (St.Micheal's College, Cherthala), Triple jump: 1. K.Sreejithmon (SD College, Alp), (15.11m), 2. V.S.Nikhil (SNC Punalur), 3. S.Vivek (Mar Ivanios College, Tvm); Pole vault: 1. Abdul Malik (Govt.Arts College, Tvm),(3.65m), 2. Nigil Jackson (Govt.Arts College), 3. K.P.Praveen (SD College, Alp); Decathlon: 1. S.Akhil (SNC, Chempazanthy) (6060 pts), 2. S.Vivek (Mar Ivanios College), 3. S.Adarsh (St.Micheal's College); Half-marathon: 1. C.P.Shiju (Mar Ivanios College), (1:09.02), 2. V.Ramesh (LNCPE), 3. Syam Uthaman (SNC, Punalur); 4x400m relay: 1. SNC Punalur (3:27.6), 2. SNC, Chempazanthy, 3. LNCPE.

Women: 100m: 1. Sini Alex (12.1s- NMR: OR- 12.2s, P.K.Priya, 2007); 2. P.S.Savitha (St.Xavier's College, Thumba), 3. Arathy S.Kumar (COE, Tvm); Discus throw: 1. Reema Nath (SNCW, Klm), (32.88m), 2. Bobina Philip (Govt.Medical College, Tvm), 3. Manju Soly (FMNC, Klm); Javelin: 1. Biji Mohan (SN College, Cherthala), (37.58m), 2. K.Sajitha (LNCPE), 3. Anju Joseph (SNC, Cherthala); Hammer throw: 1. Archana Shaji (LNCPE), (29.87m), 2. S.S.Neethu (NSS College for women), 3. B.Neethu (St.Cyril's College, Adoor); Heptathlon: 1. Nathasha Chacko (SNC, Chempazanthy) (4397 pts), 2. N.Sreeja (LNCPE); Half-marathon: 1. Aswathy (SNCW, Klm), (1:13.64); Saranya Sasi (St.Joseph's College, Alp); 4x400m relay: 1. LNCPE (4:16.6), 2. SNC, Punalur, 3. Mar Ivanios College, Tvm.

Team championship: Men: 1. SNC Punalur (6 gold), 2. SNC Chempazanthy (3 gold, 4 silver), 3. University Colelge (3 gold, 2 silver).

Women: 1. SNCW, Kollam (7 gold), 2. LNCPE (4 gold), 3. Mar Ivanios College (3 gold) .

  • The final day saw two meet records being rewritten
  • V. Vishnu and Sini Alex set the records

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