Chennai: Sherlyn Devadason was in sensational form on day one of the State sub-junior swimming meet here on Saturday, winning three gold medals in the Group III age category (50m backstroke, 200m individual medley and 100m backstroke), setting new meet records in each event.

The results (winners only): Boys: Group III: 50m backstroke: P. Mukundhan (SDAT Sakthi) 34.69s; 100m breaststroke: Sumer Malhotra (SDAT Dolphin) 1:28.34s; 200m individual medley: C. Ruban Kumar (Turtles) 2:51.16s; 100m backstroke: N. Sriniram (Chennai Corporation) 31.42s; 50m freestyle: P. Mukundhan (SDAT Sakthi) 30.25s; 4x50m freestyle relay: SDAT Sakthi 2:06.05s.

Group 4: 50m backstroke: V.S. Gokulnath (SDAT Dolphin) 37.95s; 200m individual medley: S. Danush (CAC) 2:51.94s (NMR); 50m freestyle: V.S. Gokulnath (SDAT Dolphin) 31.83s; 4x50m freestyle relay: SDAT Dolphin 2:22.61s.

Girls: Group III: 50m backstroke: Sherlyn Devadason (ORCA) 34.58s (NMR); 100m breaststroke: A.V. Jayaveena (Turtles) 1:24.61s (NMR); 200m individual medley: Sherlyn Devadason (ORCA) 2:42.19s (NMR); 100m backstroke: Sherlyn Devadason (ORCA) 31.98s (NMR); 50m freestyle: A.V. Jayaveena (Turtles) 30.01s (NMR); 4x50m freestyle relay: ORCA 2:09.98s (NMR).

Group IV: 50m backstroke: P.M. Abishiktha (SDAT Dolphin) 40.56s; 200m individual medley: Nivya Raja (ORCA) 3:02.31s; 50m freestyle: P.M. Abishiktha (SDAT Dolphin) 34.83s; 4x50m freestyle relay: 2:35.32s .

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